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Hey There Internet! My name is Carly, and I’m a 27 year old Photographer, from Vancouver B.C.. and I love to read. When I say “love”, I really really mean it. Since I was about 13 years old my favorite place to hang out on the weekend was Chapters/Indigo.. and it STILL is. Seriously. I could spend hours there every day, and I actually cried real tears when I learned they are shutting down the Robson Street location. What will I do with my weekends now?! Anyways…

This past month I discovered something known as “BookTube”, and it’s AMAZING. I had no idea anything like it even existed, and once I started watching all the “book haul” videos & reviews.. I knew I had to be a part of it. I’ve been desperately trying to find a book club this past year, with no real luck. I had no idea only a few clicks away (on YouTube) was the most fantastic online book loving community EVER. BookTube is SO good it’s insane. I spent almost 5 hours straight, just watching everything! So many wonderful channels, and great videos.. It’s just the greatest thing.

Book Haul

So here I am, at the beginning! I’ve just filmed my very first YouTube video, which was hilariously/painfully awkward at first.. and hopefully turned out ok 🙂 I’ll have to see after I edit it, just how “natural” I was really acting haha! Aside from being super awkward on camera, I plan to do all kinds of fun videos, book hauls, reviews, challenges, etc. I will also keep my Blog updated with a mix of the two.

So that’s it pretty much. I can’t wait to get started on my “May Reading Challenge”, and I’m ready to dive right into this whole BookTube thing.. Wish me luck! This will either be really fun, or a complete disaster, but either way.. I can’t wait for all the books..

Thanks so much for reading this,  10356763_10204209395052784_3940624854218998871_nxo. Carly.

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