Challenge One in the #TBR Takedown, “A Book You Have Had on Your TBR Shelf For Over A YEAR”, I Chose: “Lies Beneath”, by Anne Greenwood Brown

IMG_8890So for the first challenge in the TBR Takedown, we had to choose a book from our bookshelves that we have owned for over a year, and still not read! I chose this random book called “Lies Beneath”, by Anne Greenwood Brown. I bought this for like $2.50 at a Chapters Sale, and to be honest I didn’t even know what it was about, it just had such a beautiful cover/dust jacket, that I had to have it for my shelf.. And yesterday I decided to give it a go! It’s the perfect book for Challenge Number One! I’ve been meaning to read it for so long. IMG_8996

First of all, it’s about a family of murderous revenge-seeking mermaids! How awesome is that? I have been obsessed with mermaids since I was a kid (and I mean really obsessed). I had no idea that mermaid fiction books had become such a big thing! I feel like I’ve really missed the boat on this! Anyways, this book not only has a beautiful cover, but the story sounds so exciting!

I’ve only read three Chapters so far, but it’s basically about a family of mermaids, three sisters & one brother.. who are out for revenge (for the death of their mother years ago). They decide to target and kill the son of their long-ago enemy, and they use their brother to seduce the daughter of this man & infiltrate his way into their family.. Once he has done this, the mermaid sisters want him to lure the father to the water where they can kill him. What they don’t see coming in that their brother will end up falling in love with the daughter.. causing a huge problem.. Will he choose his sisters and ultimately act on the revenge plot.. or will he betray his sisters and protect this girl and her father? I can’t wait to find out! IMG_8887

The book is set on the shore of Lake Superior, and it’s written in a really eerie and haunting way. So far so great! Will post a full review of all 5 books I read for this challenge on June 7th.


xo. Carly.

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