Book Order Arrives!

IMG_2940Today I awoke to the loud ringing of the apartment buzzer.. and I was suprised to see a package had arrived for me! I totally forgot I ordered a few books & candles, online the other night. I was feeling depressed about Chapters Robson closing down, and I decided I might as well start buying the books I want online anyway 🙂 They shipped so quickly, and they have officially made this Monday afternoon amazing! Nothing is quite like that feeling of un-boxing some fresh new books, haha. When you order your books online, they show up in such mint condition.. it’s so strange to say, but you can actually “feel” that the book has never been opened before. It has that brand new feeling, that you never quite get with a in-store bought book. Someone has always flipped through it several times.. You other book lovers know what I mean haha! IMG_2936

Thank you Chapters for packaging everything so beautifully. I will 100% be ordering my next book haul from you guys.

xo. Carly

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  1. Cynthia Ingram says:

    Love that ‘uncracked’ spine feeling!!

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