Weekly Roundup

IMG_7875This week has been full of non-stop reading & since the weather is so nice, why not read/explore the beach? I live so close to Sunset Beach, that it’s just ridiculous to read inside the house, when ten feet away is the ocean!

I will post an update on my TBR later on this week once I’ve hit the 5 book mark!! SO many great reads this month so far! Can’t wait to finish them all. IMG_3014Other than reading every book on the shelf, this week has been full of some amazing Photo-Shoots as well as some major book-shelf organization. All in all a very solid week. I’ve also finally jumped on the “Outlander” bandwagon, and I can officially say I am now obsessed with the show. I really need to get all of these books, like yesterday!

IMG_9626My Book-Shelf is currently exploding as you can see in this photo here. I need to get a few more white Ikea “Billy’s” for my opposite facing wall. It’s the only way to accommodate this addiction I’m afraid, haha.

xo. Carly

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