Harry Potter. The Obsession.

An obsession with Harry Potter is pretty easy to come by. If you grew up in the early 2000’s like me, there is a 99% chance you have read all of these.. and a pretty good chance you are also obsessed. It’s a pretty all or nothing kinda thing. IMG_8636

I am going to London next month, and I am VERY excited to say that I will be going to the “Harry Potter Warner Bro’s Studio Tour”, when we are there. My boyfriend hasn’t seen all of the movies, or read the books (shocking I know).. so for the next few weeks I am “forcing” him to marathon each and every movie with me. We need to be prepared for possible tour trivia! He loves it as well now obviously. Has anyone out there actually disliked it, like EVER?

I am going to lose my mind when I see all the sets, costumes, and the Hogwarts Express! Pretty sure I will be spending all my money in the shops on the tour as well. I need one of those red and yellow scarves right away.



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