The Blonde Mission.

My beautiful and talented Sister Paige, is a hairdresser here in Vancouver (Union Salons). She is seriously amazing, and has saved my hair from it’s disastrous past. 3 years ago I did a REALLY stupid thing, and I impulsively dyed my hair BLACK with a 7$ box dye from the drug-store. Huge mistake. WHY I did this to myself, when I have a SISTER WHO IS A HAIRDRESSER and could have done it for me easily & perfectly.. I just don’t know, I was an idiot haha. The box dye color itself was fine, just the basic blackest of the black that you can get. I used to love having black hair, and it suited me then and looked fine.. the huge problem was that it’s literally been over THREE YEARS, and Paige and I are STILL trying to get it out of my hair.

I decided I wanted to be a blonde, more specifically as blonde as Daenerys Targaryen from HBO’S “Game of Thones”. I had to have it and I wanted it fast. But it’s not an overnight process, and it was so hard to get that box dye out of my hair. So a lesson to you guys, don’t dye your hair BLACK with a box dye, if you want to be a blonde within the next few years.

Regardless of how long it took for me to get where I am now, my Sister is super talented and made my hair look amazing every step of the way here. I loved having the ombre, and the different shades of blonde, coming in different stages, over the past few years.  I am so happy to say that as of last week’s dye job, I’m getting SO close to being the “Mother of Dragons” blonde of my dreams. Thanks Paige, I don’t know what I would do without you as a Sister or a Hair-Dresser, Love you. xo

Vancouver Stop Being So Pretty.


So Blonde. Almost at my “Mother of Dragons” goal <3

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