Summer Top 5 FAVS!

Hey Guys, I thought it would be fun to share my recent TOP 5 FAVS, in a few different categories. Some of these are movies and TV shows from years ago, but this is a list of my favorite things I’ve watched, read, seen, and ate this Summer, so far.. Hope you are all having a great Summer, and that everyone is happy & healthy. Lets jump on into it <3 If any of you need any suggestions for some good books, or movies to watch.. you might be into this post <3

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Inside Llewyn Davis

Incredible film. Oscar Issac nails this role. He is so handsome, and he has such a beautiful voice, that this soundtrack in itself is fantastic. He is really one of the best actors we have right now in Hollywood. This movie was perfection.


Loved this movie so much. It’s about Identical twin gangsters Ronnie & Reggie Kray who take up/take over in London during the 1960s. It’s such a wild movie, and so much fun to watch. Also Tom Hardy plays both of the twin brothers, and his portrayal of both, is so hilarious.

Me Before You

First off I loved this book SO much, and this movie was one of my most anticipated movies of the Summer. It DID NOT disappoint. Such an adorable movie, and it felt like the book came to life magically on screen. Also I fell in love with Emilia Clarke (if it’s even possible to fall more in love with her than I already am).. She is Khaleesi after all <3 Bring your tissues to this one though.. My Mom and I were a sobbing mess in the movie theater.


This is an older movie, but if you can believe it, I’d never really seen it. WOW am I ever glad I did. Such a powerful movie, and WHAT a cast. I loved every inch of this film. Interesting look at the darker side of the drug scene in Scotland, during a certain time, within a group of friends. Heartbreaking, at times funny, and just overall such a good one.


TERRIFYING horror movie. Seriously so good, but very disturbing. One of those movies you can’t “un-see”, but that you will recommend to everyone you know.. because it’s THAT good.

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Love this new earring situation. I like wearing a tiny ear “branch”.


Game of Thrones

I think this one in a obvious choice, everyone who knows me, knows what a crazy fan I am of this show. It’s just the most glorious thing on TV. This past season was absolutely perfect.. So many epic scenes, breathtaking battle ones, and just some mind-blowing special effects in others. So much great character development, wild twists, and just everything we love about the show times a thousand. Can’t wait for the next Season, even though it’s another YEAR until the next season 🙁


Just recently got on board on the widely popular “Outlander” train. This show is based on a book series, that I’ve never read. I knew it was about a married woman named Claire who accidentally time travels from her time of 1947 to 1743 Scotland. She is kidnapped by Highlanders, and ends up falling in love with a Scottish babe named Jamie Fraser.She struggles with trying to find a way back to her “time” and back to her Husband. But feelings for this Scottish man Jamie start up, and everything gets complicated to say the LEAST. It’s not all romance though I promise! My boyfriend watches it with me, and he really likes it.. when at first he wasn’t sure he would, because he thought it might be a bit sappy love story ish.. But it’s actually a LOT of historical information, and it’s very interesting to see the show filmed in Scotland, and to see/learn about the Scottish Highlanders/traditions/clans etc. There are violent battle scenes, amazing characters, villains and plot points. It’s fantastic, and 100% not just for women 🙂


This past year I must have had 20 people tell me I needed to start watching “Luther”, and I finally got around to it. Thank GOD I did! Idris Elba is incredible, and he really commands the screen and this role. He’s such a powerful force, fantastic actor, and also really witty with that dry British sense of humor. This show is set in the UK, and it’s all about this man Luther who hunts serial killers. He also is fighting a lot of personal demons. Great show, and I believe it’s on Netflix right now <3

Pretty Little Liars

I know I know. Don’t judge me, I love it. It’s fun and super cute. Also the mystery is pretty complex, and there is something addicting about this show. I usually watch this one alone haha 🙂

H3H3 Productions/ Ethan and Hila

This doesn’t “really” count as a TV show, but it might as well be. This is in fact the name of an incredible YouTube Channel. My boyfriend discovered Ethan and his videos, a few weeks back.. and it’s changed our lives haha. Ethan is SO funny. Not just a little bit funny, but like I laugh out loud all night long watching his videos. Something about his bizarre sense of humor, is just the most endearing thing ever. I’m sure we would be best friends if we ever met in real life haha. You guys should check their channel out, you won’t be disappointed.



Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, by Rowling, Tiffany & Thorne

In a Dark, Dark Wood, bu Ruth Ware

The Nightmare, by Lars Kelper

Modern Romance, by Aziz Ansari

Love The One You’re With, by Emily Giffin

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Ripped Jean Shorts


Converse Sneakers

Bomber Jacket

Off the Shoulder Tops

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“Borderline”, by Tove Styrke

“Only Getting Younger”, by Elliphant & Skrillex

“Magnets”, by Lorde, A Trak Remix

“Gold”, by Kiiara

“Control”, by Halsey

“Bite”, by Troy Sivan

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And My Favorite Photo of the Summer

Finally, my #1 favorite thing of this Summer…. This photo here of me and my Best Friend, taken last week on her Wedding Day. One of the most important days of my life so far. I am so proud to have stood beside you, as you married the love of your life. I love you Tina.

Hope everyone is having a lovely Summer.

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