Mexico Adventures Week One, Cancun

Hello Friends!

I can’t believe two weeks has come and gone so fast! I got home late last night from the most incredible trip ever. Two weeks in Mexico just went by way too fast, and I’m so sad to be home. However I do have a pretty great tan, which is so exciting. For those of you that know me, you probably know that I have never really had a sun-tan, like EVER in my life. It’s kind of a running joke in my family, how every year no matter what season it is, I’m ALWAYS as white as a ghost. So this is a pretty big deal for me haha. I don’t even recognize myself it’s so weird. I have probably like a week until it’s gone forever, so I need to lurk around in some shorts and show it off before it’s gone forever haha.

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I thought I would share some photo hi-lights from our two weeks away. The first week we spent at an all-inclusive resort in Playa Del Carmen, for my boyfriend’s sister Danielle’s wedding. It was so so much fun! We went in a huge group with all of Danielle and Mark’s friends, as well as the entire family (even some from as far as Scotland!). Everyone that came was so much fun and super nice. We made so many hilarious memories, ate so much amazing food, and I got one hell of a sunburn on my knees. The hotel was huge, and there was so much to do, see, and eat. The beaches were so beautiful, and swimming in the ocean was absolutely amazing. I hadn’t swam in the ocean in almost FIVE YEARS, which is disgraceful.. but I made up for it this past week that’s for sure. I feel like I still have sand all over me, inside my bathing suit, my bag, my books etc etc.

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Speaking of books… I’m sorry guys but I don’t have much to report on that front. It was a miserable failure haha. I brought FOUR books with me, and as the plane took off from Vancouver I had this moment of anxiety thinking “OH SHIT I am going to read these all in a few days, and have nothing left to do”. That panic wasn’t at all necessary because I only read HALF A BOOK. So bad I know, but there was just too much fun shit going on, I couldn’t focus. No regrets though haha.. especially since the one book I managed to half-read was TERRIBLE. It started out really strong, to the point that I even Instagram-posted it….. which was a mistake because about 1/2 of the way through a VERY disturbing and sick plot line was introduced. Seriously it was so fucked up that I immediately went back and revised my Insta post, to make sure nobody that trusts my recommendations would buy this. It was THAT disgusting. Stay tuned for my April Wrap Up Part 1, to hear the disgusting review of it haha. (“A Simple Favour” by Darcey Bell”- DON’T READ THIS).

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The Wedding was so incredibly beautiful as well, and it was the first Destination Wedding I’ve ever been to! It was one of the wildest and most fun weeks of my entire life, and lets just say what happens in Mexico, might have to stay there haha. With the exception of some of the photos I took of course <3

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Hope you are all doing well, and I’ll see you soon with my (Mexico Adventures Part 2) all about our second week with my side of the family, in Puerto Vallarta.



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