Mexico Adventures, Week Two, Puerto Vallarta (Bucerias)

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Greetings from Puerto Vallarta. For the second week of our Mexico trip, we left Ryan’s family and the whole Wedding gang, and headed to Puerto Vallarta to meet up with my Dad, Sister & Brother-In-Law Luke. It was so sad to leave Ryan’s family and friends, we had the most insane and fun week ever. I was already missing everyone SO much, as soon as our van cab left the hotel and headed to the airport.


In a bizarre twist of events, my Dad just so happened to rent a condo in Mexico for two weeks, starting the EXACT day we were supposed to leave Cancun. It couldn’t have worked out any better! My Dad is retiring this year, and we decided to join him, with my Sister and her boyfriend Luke, for the second week.. and make a wild retirement party out of it! Ryan and I felt so lucky that it all worked out, and that we got to spend two whole weeks in Mexico. Pretty much a complete dream.


So off to Bucerias, Puerto Vallarta we flew! For some reason there were zero direct flights from Cancun to Puerto Vallarta, so we had to connect in Mexico City, which was really cool. It’s such a huge and amazing place, and flying into it was incredible. Some of the most amazing views I’ve ever seen from a plane. Not that I was really taking in the scenery however… If you guys didn’t already know this about me, I have an insane flying phobia. It’s so bad I am always 100% convinced that the plane is absolutely going to either crash or collide with another plane mid-air. I’m aware that these are ridiculous thoughts, but the anxiety has a mind of it’s own. I was so crazy this trip that I actually started panicking because I noticed a small hole in my window.. and was therefore convinced that the window was going to come loose and crash the plane. Basically it was a nightmare, and I’m so so so sorry Ryan that you had to deal with my antics.

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Anyways insane phobias aside, after about six hours of traveling time total, we reached Puerto Vallarta! We got a ride to the condo, and my Dad, Sister and Luke were all waiting outside for us, ready to party. We hardly had time to put out suitcases down, and we were out the door and out to party at a local Bucerias bar called “The Drunken Duck”. It was the most fun thing ever, and my family is just so wild and fun. It was the perfect welcome to Bucerias!


I have been to Puerto Vallarta once before, about eight years ago, and we stayed at an all-inclusive resort similar to the one in Cancun we spent last week at. It was so nice this time to stay in a condo, right in the middle of a small little town (Bucerias). Everything there was so cute and authentic, with some of the most incredible restaurants I’ve ever been to! We were very close to the surfing town of Sayulita, where we spent a whole day exploring.. and I had the best fish tacos of my entire life. Seriously so amazing! Sayulita was such a cool place, with such a good vibe and so many friendly, welcoming and wonderful people. I would love to go back and stay there for a few weeks again. I would highly recommend you guys check it out if you are ever in the area.

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The rest of the week was just a lot of sun-tanning, relaxing, BBQ-ing, and aloe-vering the shit out of our sun-burns. Overall the best two weeks ever, and so many hilarious memories we will never forget.

Now back to Vancouver, and back to reality! Hopefully back to some reading, because I’ve been seriously slacking. However the two books I did manage to read this past week were both SO good. I’ll update you guys all about them, in my April Wrap Up, coming this week xoxox.

Love Carly.

Here are some photo hi-lights from the second half of our Mexican Adventure.

All Photos @ Carly Ingram Photography 2017

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