Seriously.. Just PRINT That Shit Out!

Hello Hello!

Okay you guys, lets rewind ten years. 19 year old Carly literally PRINTED off every single photo I ever took of myself/my friends.. etc. Printing out photos was a right of passage! I can’t even tell you how many times my Mom took a disposable camera to London Drugs, and my Sister and I had done some outrageous/borderline disgusting thing on camera…. we were always wondering what the HELL would get developed?!


As soon as 2009 rolled around, and I started getting into Photography “for real”, I just completely stopped printing out photos. Everything that seemed to matter or mean “anything” was all over Facebook right?! Actually physically making the effort of going into a Costco/ London Drugs/ Anywhere.. and printing out your photos was like an extinct/ somewhat creepy thing to do.


I actually hate myself for all the lost years, all the memories that are just dissolved into cyber-space (so to speak).

Over the past few years I have traveled to a few of my “Bucket List” places (like Paris, London etc), and I decided it was time to get some printing happening. Being a Photographer/ Blogger for a living means I have literally thousands of non-printed photos, that I can convince myself I NEED. I have this dream of a Gallery Wall situation, and I’m always on the hunt for the “right” photos.

 Last week I photographed a 100 year old man’s birthday party (which was incredible), and he requested several prints. When I went to collect those prints today, I realized I had TONS of other random prints I’ve sent in over the past year. I ended up with maybe fifty 8X12’s of all my best memories from 2014-2017, and I’m so happy to have them.

I don’t know about you guys, but I have completely forgotten how it feels to have a physical copy of a photo you created, in your own hands. The nostalgia, and the absolutely INDESCRIBABLE feeling of it, is hard to replace. I’m SO happy that I was in a way “forced” to pick up these random photos today. So many beautiful memories.. The Gallery Wall is on it’s way!

Hope you guys all have an amazing long weekend! See you VERY soon for my “June Wrap Up”,

Love you All,

xoxoxo Carly.


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