20 Questions Tag, Get To Know Me Even Better!

Hey You Guys!

I saw this “20 Questions Tag” floating around the Internet, and I had so much fun with my last “Get To Know Me” Question Tag, that I figured I’d knock out another one <3

So if you are interested at all, in my answers to 20 random and ridiculous questions.. please read on,


Love Carly.

See you all next week with my “July Wrap Up”.

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1.) What/Where is on your current “Bucket List: Travel” List?

Ohh yes. This is the perfect first question. I have two places that are almost a 50/50 Tie for first place. They are…….



Sweden & Switzerland 

I want to go to these places so badly you have no idea. My “Most Liked” photos on Instagram are literally ALL travel photos from a Switzerland Travel Blog & Japan Hot-Eat spots.

Japan is one of those places, that I just KNOW I was meant to live in. Everything there is so incredible. The people, the architecture, the FOOD, the Stationary…. just honestly everything. Recently I’ve become obsessed with watching people’s VLOG’S on You-Tube, of them in Japan.. and with everything they are eating. There are so many wonderful looking Ramen places, creative Sushi places… just on and on. I can’t put into words how badly I want to see Japan. Next on my list 100%.

Sweden and also Switzerland are a VERY close 2nd & 3rd on my Travel List. I have become completely fascinated with Sweden after reading SO many crime-noir books set in the area… not to mention the countless Movies & TV Shows that are set there. It has such a beautiful and haunting atmosphere…..and Switzerland is just one of those “once-in-a-lifetime” kind of places. I feel like I’m going to love it there so much, that I will probably just never come home. I can feel it, haha.

2.) What is your FAV Disney Movie? Or Top 3?

I like that this Question knows it’s going to be impossible to narrow it down here… It’s actually an easy choice for me.. hands down 100% “The Little Mermaid”… Followed by a pretty close second and third choice of “Beauty and the Beast” & “Snow White”. I know SO original. I can’t wait for them to do the next “Live Action” Disney Remake of “The Little Mermaid”, I’m going to get probably way-too-excited about it.

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3.) What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self?

This one is kind of deep, but honestly probably just to “NOT TAKE EVERYTHING SO FUCKING SERIOUSLY”. To care way less about what others “think” of you, and to go after anything and everything you want. Also to read more Classics, and to get into “The Wire” back when it was cool, and I could impress boys with my knowledge of it, haha.

4.) What are your “Bad Habits”

Staying awake until almost 4 am every night reading.. biting my nails, drinking way too much Diet Coke… not returning Library Books on-time, losing mail, and probably being so shy and awkward that I can’t make eye-contact with people haha.

5.) What is your “Guilty Pleasure: TV Shows & Music”?

I’m kind of embarrassed to answer this honestly, but whatever.. hopefully you guys won’t judge me too hard for this. Okay so for “TV” recently it’s probably “Degrassi: The Next Class” or really ANY season of Degrassi.. I just love it. It’s so cheesy and awful, but I don’t give a shit… I’m all about it. As for “MUSIC”, it’s got to be “Hanson”. My Sister and I are totally going to their concert this Fall.. I just love them, it’s a weird thing I just can’t deny. Judge me, I don’t care.. I love those little long haired angels.

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6.) “Who are your FAV Book-Tuber’s & Regular You-Tuber’s?”

Great question. I only really got deep-into the whole You-Tube world, within the past year or so. I can’t believe I lived without it for so long before! One of my fav things to do after finishing a new book, is to You-Tube Search reviews from other creators, about that same book. It’s so much fun! You get to see other people reacting and loving/hating the same books as you.

Books aside, there are You-Tube channels dedicated to honestly ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you could possibly imagine. Fashion, Makeup, Sex, Story-Time, VLOGS, Advice, Gaming, etc etc.

A few of my most loved channels are…


SparklesBooks– She is an adorable Irish Book-Tuber who reads a TON of thrillers, which I love. Her reviews are incredible, and I always try the books she suggests!

ChapterStackss– Love this girl so much! She has a very unique reading-style, and all her book choices are always so interesting and original. No “Young-Adult” here!

LilyCReads– This girl is so so so hilarious. She talks “shit” about so many of these over-hyped “Book-Tube Books”, and she is so refreshing and real.. I adore her so much. She’s just the best!

Non-Book-Tube Favs

Zoella, Tanya Burr ( For Fashion, Lifestyle, DIY’S)

H3H3 Productions- Just do yourself a favor and check him out, SO funny.

Madilyn Bailey & Jasmine Thompson (For beautiful vocals, covers, and original music. Such awesome artists).

7.) What is your #1 Fav Musical, and a Musical/Broadway Show you are Dying to See?

Easy. “Les Misérables”, is my all-time fav Musical. 100 Times over. I’ve seen it live a few times, I’ve watched the film a million times, and the Soundtrack is one of my most listened to things on iTunes. I just love it.

I’m dying to see the infamous “Hamilton”. I don’t actually know very much about this Musical, but the amount of Hype surrounding this one, is enough to peak my interest. Other than that.. I’m super interested in “Dear Evan Hansen” as well.

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8.) “It’s Midnight, You Are Deep Into a Netflix Marathon.. What’s Your Go-To Snack?”

Diet Coke, Baked Salt and Vinegar Chips…. Sour Patch Kids. If I’m trying to be “Healthy” and not totally ruin my Diet.. I’ll usually go for some Air-Popped Popcorn with a Sriracha topping/sauce. I love hot-sauce so much it’s kind of scary.

9.) “Have You Ever Saved Someones Life?”

Ohhhh I feel so cool to have an actual good answer for this one. I totally saved my younger Sister Paige’s life, when we were kids (and I think once after that too haha).

We were really little, and swimming at my Grandparents outdoor pool. My Sister was an infant baby, and she just sort of rolled headfirst into the deep-end of the pool, and my parents weren’t around to witness this. They had gone upstairs for like FIVE seconds. We were being watched by a baby-sitter but she missed this one intense five-second crisis, and I leaped into action. I was MAYBE 5 years old, but I managed to grab a inflatable pool tire, leap into the water, dive to the bottom, grab Paige, and swim us both to the surface. It was quite the move apparently, and I’m pretty proud of my young self. I can’t even believe I acted quick enough to do anything. So yay! Also the second time was up at our cabin, Paige fell off a tree-fort from like 40 feet off the ground, and I pulled her back up. Not as dramatic, but still.. what a little hero right? Hahaha kidding.

10.) “Don’t Lie.. What are the last 5 Transactions on your VISA?”

Hahah oh GOD, Okay so…..

Whole Foods, London Drugs, London Drugs, London Drugs (I spend WAY too much money at London Drugs apparently), Chapters Indigo, IGA & Forever 21.

Not really surprised here.. although what the HELL is going on with me and London DRUGS?!

11.) “If you had to have another DREAM JOB, other than your current Job, What Would It Be?”

Okay so if Photography didn’t exist, I would 100% want to do something in the Book Publishing world. I still kind of do. Really anything to do with Writers, Books, Distribution, Social Media, Marketing.. etc. Even working at a little Book-Shop. Something in the Literary World for sure.

12.) “What Celebrity Boy/Girl Were you OBSESSED With As A Teen?”

Ohhh boy, how to narrow this down?

Okay so in the female category, here is a list (in no particular order of obsession)

Alicia Silverstone/ Aka CHER// I wanted to be her so badly, it was actually kind of desperate and sad. No amount of Hounds-tooth print, giant-cell-phones, plaid mini-skirts, and “As-If” references.. could have made me even a fraction as cool as Alicia was in this role. Still so iconic.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen// Okay so the obsession with these two was out of control…. forget “desperate and sad”… I pretty much “Single White Female-d” this shit out of them. I got my hair cut into the EXACT same “shoulder-grazing bob”, got the matching cardigan & skirt combo… joined their “fan-club”, bought every SINGLE book and dvd they released… It was a full-time job, being this obsessed. I wish I could brush this off as a whole “I was 13 and SO embarassing”, but honestly I’m still somewhat mystified/obsessed with the Olsen Twins. They are just incredible, right?

Next up is the male category.. Also where I spend hundreds of my parents hard-earned dollars, to plaster my bedroom walls, in paper posters from “Teen Beat”, “J-14”, “Tiger Beat”, “Teen”, etc etc. You guys feel me right?

JTT/ Aka Jonathan Taylor Thomas// He was just THE guy of the times. I liked him, but I wouldn’t say I loved him.

Devon Sawa// Okay so I LOVED Devon. This is humiliating, but in the spirit of nostalgia and honesty…. I had a Devon Sawa poster on my bedroom wall, that I would kiss every single night before bed. His role in “Casper” really did me in. I kissed this poster so many times, that the “mouth area” actually wore away, and the paper fell off.. leaving a hole. I don’t even know what else to say.

Leonardo DiCaprio// You girls all loved him, don’t even pretend. From Romeo, to Jack on the Titanic… my love for him got more intense.. a bit past my “french-kissing-the-wall-poster” days, so I never did one of his posters in, quite as hard as Devon’s.. but still. The love was real.

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13.) “What is the Last Book You Read/ Currently Reading”

Last Book: Fierce Kingdom (INSANE 10/10, more about this in my Upcoming July Wrap Up, Next Week) <3

Current Read: Murder on the Orient Express 

14.) “What is your Fav Sound to Relax/Fall Asleep To?”

Haha, okay so this question isn’t really a good one for me. It’s almost impossible for me to fall asleep in any normal kind of way. Even with sleeping pills, I still end up awake until four am reading/stressing about falling asleep. No “sound” is helping me NEARLY enough to relax me into a sleep… but if such a thing were possible for me… It would have to be “Rain falling on a tin roof” or some shit like that… I like that sound. It’s not putting me to sleep though, I promise you haha.

15.) “Do You Have A Signature Scent?”

Something about this expression I find so creepy. I guess my “scent” would have to be the perfume I (probably over-apply) wear every day, which is.. “Pink Sugar”. I love this one, and I get so many compliments on it, which is great, because you never really know if the perfume you are loading on is working..

16.) “First Kiss? Epic or Embarrassing?”

I think you can guess my answer. Honestly it was kind of both. I was so nervous, and I 100% bit his face…. It was DARK as fuck and I didn’t see it coming. Overall a super embarrassing and very innocent adventure. I had one other little “First Kiss” before this one, which was at my Sister’s Wedding. I was the Flower Girl, and I got to kiss the Ring Bearer, and it was just magical (to my 8 year old self).

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17.) “What was your First R Rated Movie?”

I remember this like it was TODAY. It was at an all-girl sleepover, at my best friend Tina’s house.. in Grade Eight? We all gathered together, set out our Barbie sleeping bags, binge ate Cake, and set into a Movie-Marathon of the Teen Classic “Bring it On” & “THE EXORCIST”. You can guess which one was the “R” Rated one.. also the one with the lifetime of trauma associated with it’s viewing.

Up until this point I had been the nerdiest, most sheltered, Olsen Twin obsessed NERD.. I had never seen anything like this goddamn EXORCIST before. It blew me away in the worst way… SO horrifying. So thrilling. So SCARY. That theme song music still gives me chills. I’ve never been scared-to-the-bone by a movie ever again. Ugh… Traumatized haha.

18.) “Nerdiest Moment”

I have to narrow this down? I could name 100. Maybe the time I demanded my Dad take me to see the Downtown showing of “The Two Towers” for the THIRD time, and I proceeded to recite the entire film. The friend I had invited along with us, got food poisoning, and I was SO INTO THE MOVIE, I just ignored this fact, left them throwing up in the washroom, and got right into the “Lord of the Rings” moment. If you are reading this N, I’m so sorry.

It might be the time I literally almost MURDERED my Sister Paige for opening my LIMITED TIME COLLECTORS EDITION “LORD OF THE RINGS” ACTION FIGURES. I was keeping them in their boxes for “Value”.. people used to be all about this right? I had them all lined up in pristine condition on my shelves… I get home from Gymnastics practice… and PAIGE had them ALL TORN OUT OF THE BOXES ON THE TABLE. Can you feel my aggression 15 years later, in my “ALL CAPS”. It’s a wound.. still burns, haha.

19.) “Have you ever Stolen Anything”

I want to answer this honestly, but I’m kind of like worried I’m going to be arrested by Safeway’s Loss Prevention 25 years later? As we have gone over in detail, I was a pretty secluded, nerdy child.. I wasn’t into any hardcore cool-girl shoplifting, but I DID do a little bit of casual lifting from the local Safeway. I stole maybe 10 Archie comics, and a few Disney Adventure Magazines.. from right next to the till. I’m pretty sure my Mom just actually paid for them, but I’ll let my “bad-girl” fantasy live on.

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20.) “Go Into Your iTunes & List Your Top 10 Most Played Songs”

This is an interesting one! I like so many different, incredibly random types of artists. Here we go!

“Borderline” by Tove Stryke ( Love this song so much. Actually a pretty cool song, not so humiliating haha)

“Suprise Yourself” by Gryffin x Manilla Killa Remix (Amazing remix, of the “Me Before You” song. I like to Kayak around the cabin to this song.

“Paris” by The Chainsmokers ( Basic bitch of me.. but I love it)

“Bite” by Troye Sivan (Big fan of Troye)

“Hyde” by Astrid S (Amazing Amazing)

“Firestone: Acoustic” by Conrad Sewell ( He has the most beautiful voice)

“TrainWreck” by James Arthur ( THIS GUY. He won XFactor UK years ago. So amazing)

“Soap” by Melanie Martinez (She is incredible, very very underrated)

“Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran ( I mean.. We all love Ed right?)

“Monsters” by Ruelle

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Love you Guys All SO Much,

See you Next Week For My July Wrap Up!




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