Welcome to Palm Springs

Hi Guys!

I am SO excited to share this post with you! I just got home from the most INCREDIBLE trip ever, and I can’t wait to share all my travel photos with you guys.

As you guys know, a few months ago it was me and my sister Paige’s birthdays! For our birthday present, my Mom very generously booked us a week long trip to Palm Springs! We have been going to Palm Springs together for years, and it’s one of our most beloved travel destinations. Not only is the shopping & food amazing.. but the WEATHER is unreal.

Ryan and I have never been apart for more than three nights (since we met), so I’ll admit I was a bit of a baby about this, haha. We left early Monday morning (February 12th), so I would be missing Valentine’s Day! We celebrated early 🙂 Missing Ryan + my TERRIFYING fear of flying combined.. was a bit of a rough morning for me.. but I got there in the end. Also a huge thank you to the anti-anxiety drug Ativan. I need to seriously apologize to my Mom and Sister for the scene I caused on the plane… honestly it was insane. Although in my DEFENSE.. our plane was delayed because of an unsettling reason (and a bunch weren’t landing at the Palm Springs Airport because of HIGH WINDS) so I was actually a bit justified in my terror. It’s so funny, a few days later my Sister admitted she thought the turbulence was a bit wild, but didn’t want to tell me the truth so she kept saying “it’s fine, it’s totally fine”. It wasn’t… but we arrived alive.

After we arrived, we hit up the rental car area.. got our car, and made the drive out to Palm Desert.. where we stayed for our first three nights. My family has a timeshare at Club Intrawest/Embarc Resorts, and the Palm Desert location is GORGEOUS. We always stay here when we come to stay.

Palm Desert is quite a distance from the actual Palm Springs scene, and it has a completely different vibe to it. We spent so much time laying by the pool, lurking around the hot-tub’s at night.. hitting up the local Trader Joe’s & outlet shopping! Palm Desert is more laid-back and has a ton of amazing shopping. I got so many cute things, I can’t wait to show you guys! We had some wonderful dinners out at the classic Cheesecake Factory & Panera Bread… but our best meal was 100% at the very gorgeous Adobe Grill. It’s a Mexican Food restaurant, and not only is the food INCREDIBLE, but the vibe is so cool. We happened to go on Valentine’s Day, which was a bit of a gamble.. but we manged to get an outdoor table. I can’t even tell you how amazing the food was! I love Mexican food, and I am a complete hot-sauce addict.. and they MADE HOT SAUCE at our table! It was wild. Afterwards we hit a local bar, called “The Nest”.. which has to be one of the wildest 50+ bars I’ve ever seen in my life. I am SO socially awkward that I immediately was like “I need to go sit in the car”, but my Mom and Sister had a great time out on that dance floor. I have never seen such a busy and happening bar in my life! SO many adorable 70+ couples out on the dance floor.. and it was Valentines Day after all!

We did so many amazing things in Palm Desert…. a huge hi-light for me was the afternoon my Sister and I rented bikes from our hotel, and literally biked through the desert. I don’t know if… we should have been biking on sand… or where the hell we went.. but we ended up aggressively crashing a golf-course/getting totally lost, and literally biking along a path with a golf cart of 3+ elderly men cheering us on! It was so much fun, and we got some gorgeous photos. Do it for the “gram” as they say haha.

After a few nights, we moved hotel’s.. into the heart of Palm Springs. As luck would randomly have it.. our Dad was actually in Palm Springs as well (he’s living down there for a few months) so we got to see him too!

Palm Springs is a completely different scene than Palm Desert. We LOVED being in Downtown Palm Springs… and we honestly had WAY too much fun. Not only was there an amazing outdoor market going on.. but it was “Mid-Century Modern Week” too! Literally every single house in the neighboring area of Palm Springs.. is GORGEOUS. Very sleek white modern design, with a giant pop of color door! The concierge at our hotel, told us about this infamous “That Pink Door”, that is apparently WORLD famous! She told us a girl and her Mother, came ALL THE WAY from Australia.. just to see this pink door! We obviously had to go see it!

We had so many amazing shopping days, looking at vintage clothing & modern furniture. Such great restaurants like Lola’s & Tonga Hut! Not to mention the gorgeous Parker Hotel & the stunning hikes in the area. We had the most fun that three people could possibly have, and I can’t wait for you to see all our photo memories.

See you all soon with my February Wrap Up,

Love Carly


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