Julia’s Bachelorette Party

Hi You Guys!

It’s been about a week since Julia’s Bachelorette Party, and I still can’t stop smiling thinking about how much fun we had. Julia is one of my Best Friends (and also one of my Bridesmaids) <3 We met over ten years ago, in High-School! We bonded over a shared love of Diet Coke, “Salad Fingers”, Mr Noodles & Binge-Watching “The O.C” on DVD. My memories of the two of us lurking around the Library during Spare Period.. or not paying attention in our Photography classes.. are some of my most treasured memories, ever. I am so lucky to call her such a close friend, and I couldn’t be MORE excited to be one of her Bridesmaids, in her Wedding.. LESS THAN 2 MONTHS AWAY! This has been such an amazing year ago far, filled with SO many Engagements and love.

Also Spoiler.. I’ll be posting my “May Wrap Up” next week, and I have some huge news. I will go more in detail in next week’s Wrap-Up… buttttttt MY SISTER GOT ENGAGED! I am so incredibly happy for her, and so excited to welcome Luke into the family “officially”. He’s felt like family for so long already <3 Like I said before.. this has been QUITE the year so far. Getting to be Engaged at the same time as my Best Friend, and now my SISTER.. how did I get so lucky. It’s safe to say all we talk about these days is Wedding Plans haha. Love you both so much.

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So back to last weekend. A group of 7 of us drove up to Squamish, B.C. It’s a little town about half-way between Vancouver and Whistler! We took two cars up, and all arrived bright and early at the Squamish “Rope Runner Rope Course”. It’s almost impossible to describe what we were in for haha. It was a GIANT structure, held together by thick cables (quite like chair-lift cables). You put a body harness on, clip a handle onto the cables, and you can climb all around it, going up SO HIGH. There are all kinds of tunnels to crawl through, tiny bridges to climb over, and rope structures to flail around on. It’s really hard to visualize, but let me tell you.. it was TERRIFYING. Well for me at least. Julia the little dare-devil was RIGHT on the top of the damn thing, FREE FALLING to the ground, with nothing but a little cable. I was so impressed. I never knew what a chicken shit I was, until I was wearing the harness, standing maybe 15 feet off the ground.. and expected to just go for it. Yes I know it’s 100% safe, and that actual CHILDREN were running all around the place not a care in the world… something about it terrified me. Heights freak me out, and my legs were shaking so badly.. and I think I was in a full blown nervous sweat haha. God was it fun though. So much fun. I was so proud of myself, I made it over about 10 different structures, and only panicked like 100 times. Doing something so wild together as a group, was such a perfect way to kick off the Bachelorette Party. After the 2 hour Ropes Course, we all went to McDonalds for lunch, which was a thrill in itself. In case you are wondering.. I had the 6 Piece Nuggets with Hot Mustard Dip & a Diet Coke the size of my head, haha.

After this early morning adventure, we headed back to Julia’s House.. and a few Makeup Artists met us there. They did a beautiful job on our makeup, and it was so nice. Getting your makeup done is such a treat, and it makes you feel so confident and ready for the night ahead. We all got on the Sea-bus and headed into Downtown Vancouver…  for our Dinner Reservation at Nightingale.

WOW, Nightingale might be the most incredible restaurant I’ve ever been to.  Firstly, the building itself it stunning.. and the table they had reserved for us was gorgeous, with a breathtaking view of Coal Harbor. The dinner was served in several courses, “family style”, so we all got to try everything. Wow. SO amazing. I will 100% be taking Ryan back here for Date Night.

After Dinner, we went to the Cocktail Bar “Prohibition”, which is in the Hotel Georgia, in Downtown Vancouver. This was hands down the fanciest bar/lounge/PLACE I’ve ever set foot in. It’s so dark, and beautifully furnished… very retro. It feels like stepping into “The Great Gatsby”. It’s quite pricey…. one of the cocktails was $38! If you just go for a drink or two though, it’s totally worth it for the vibe. Amazing live music and dancing too.

It was such a perfect day and night, and everyone that came was so lovely. We are all so excited for the Wedding.

Love you so much Julia,



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