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Hello Lazy Sunday!

You guys know I love a good Romantic-Comedy, or a deep intense Romantic-Drama.. OR my #1 fav.. an Indie Romantic Film.

The list I could come up with, of all my favs.. would be in the 100’s.. so I tried my best to narrow it down, into my Top 3 from each sub-category.

All of these titles are currently streaming on Netflix. Enjoy


See you very soon with my full August Wrap Up,

Love Carly

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All The Romance on Netflix..

 Classic Romantic Movies

1.) Clueless


This movie makes me more nostalgic than anything else in the world. I remember being like 14 years old, and printing out hundreds of photos of Alicia Silverstone from AOL image search. I’m sorry Dad… the cost of that printer ink must have been horrific.

This movie is just iconic. The virtual closet, the fashion, the style, the lingo, the girls.. AS IF! Just everything.

I’m sure you have all seen this. “Rolling with the Homies” is blaring in my head right now. Please do yourself a favor and re-watch this tonight.


2.) “Easy A”


I mean…. EMMA STONE kills it in this role. This is the greatest, most hilarious/empowering high-school movie ever. I love her, I love the message.. I just ADORE her parents in this.. all of it. Olive is an inspiration, and her father (played by Stanely Tucci is just a legend).


3. “Blue Lagoon”


When I was a teenager, I watched this movie.. and thought it was the most scandalous thing I’d ever seen. It might still be.

This stranded/survival/twisted/slightly-incestual love-story is just the most addicting thing.

Brooke Shields is so beautiful, she completely commands the screen. I can hardly remember anything other than her hair/her tan, and her incredible eyebrows. I might need to watch it again tonight.


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Brand NEW Romantic Movies (Teenage)

1.) “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before”


Oh. My. GOD. I loved every single second of this movie. I have read all three books (“To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before”, “PS, I Still Love You”, & “Always And Forever Lara Jean”, all written by Jenny Han). It’s the cutest, most wholesome, sweetest little series. The movie was everything I hoped it would be. It was funny, sweet, SO easy to relate to, and just adorable. I loved it so much. Also pretty sure everyone who has watched is now in love with Peter? I am.


2.) “The Kissing Booth”


This movie really surprised me. I love the main Actress Joey King, I think she’s an incredible Actress. She and her (real-life) boyfriend, star together in this adorable Romantic Comedy. It’s so sweet, and something about it felt very authentic. I loved it so much, and it made me want to see so much more from Joey King. Netflix is killing it these days.



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Retro Romance Pick

1.) “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”


This movie is one of the most beautiful, stylish, and wonderful things ever filmed. It’s based on the amazing novel by Truman Capote, and every second/every frame is actual ART. You need to see this movie, at LEAST once before you die. Also.. there will probably never be anyone as chic as Audrey Hepburn.. ever again.

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Romantic Dramas/ AKA You Will SOB Your Eyes Out

1.) “The Light Between Oceans”


This was one of the best book’s I read last year. It was also one of the best movies I’d seen all year. Wow. Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander have the most incredible chemistry together (which makes sense, given they are a real life couple), which is so magnetic. This is a heartbreaking, shocking, and twisted little story. I loved every second, and I cried SO much watching it. You absolutely MUST watch it.


2.) “Irreplaceable You”


I don’t think a movie has DESTROYED me so much emotionally, since “A Fault in Our Stars”. This is a SAD movie. Be warned. It’s so so so so SAD. I cried for like 3/4 of the movie. Like an ugly, sobbing awful crying, haha. It was a beautiful movie.. but oh my GOD it was sad.


3.) “About Time”



I would honestly watch almost any movie.. about almost ANY subject, if Rachel McAdams was involved. I’m a little bit in love with her.

This movie is everything you could ever want in a Romantic Comedy.. with a pinch of Magical Realism.. and also a pinch of gut-wrenching sadness. It was such a great film.


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Indie Romantic Movies

1.) “Newness”


This movie blew my mind. One of my all-time absolute FAV movies “Like Crazy”, was directed by the same Director as this movie “Newness”. Drake Doremus has such a distinct style. His films are very intense, and so shockingly intimate. When you are watching his work, you feel like you are experiencing the relationships for yourself. It takes the expression “being a fly on the wall” to another level. The shots are so close up, so intense.. you forget you are watching a movie.. and it feels like something you are experiencing in real life. It’s almost unsettling, it’s that real.

This movie is a beautiful, difficult, and achingly modern love story. It shows how hard it is to “date”, and meet people in the age of “Tinder”. I feel so lucky to have met my very-soon-to-be Husband, before the days of Tinder, haha. It’s just wild out there! I don’t think I could handle all the swiping, and all that jazz.


2.) “God Help The Girl”


This is hands down the most stunning, stylist, and aesthetically pleasing movies I’ve seen in a while. It’s like Wes Anderson and Edie Sedgwick had a British Musical Baby. GOD I loved this.

This is a British Musical about a troubled young girl (played by the immensely talented Emily Browning). She ends up writing some music, and creating a little band.. and it’s just the sweetest, cutest, most BEAUTIFULLY shot movie ever. After seeing Emily Browning in “Sucker Punch”, I didn’t think I could be any more in love with her. I was wrong.


3.) “Permission”


This movie is basically about a couple, who decide to embark on an “open relationship”. It’s obviously very scandalous, and it’s filmed in such an intimate way.. that you end up finding yourself so invested, that it’s so impossible to pick a person/ pick a side. You as a viewer, end up just as confused as the film’s protagonist. Loved loved LOVED this.



Thank you all so much for reading,

Hopefully I’ve given you some Netflix-Watching Inspiration for Sunday!

See you all very soon,

Love Carly.

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  1. Oh my gosh I absolutely loved To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and cant wait to read the series 💗. About Time is also one of my all time faves. I definitely want to watch Easy A and check out God Help The Girl now. Thanks for the Netflix suggestions

    1. You are SO welcome 🙂 I hope you enjoy!

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