The Best Year Yet.

I’m ANOTHER Year Older! Ahh It’s My BIRTHDAY again!

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Okay so before you read ANY of this, I should probably address the random elephant in the room. I’ve made a major hair change! If you guys have been following me for years, you know that I’m naturally a brunette. I was so tired of bleaching my hair, and trying to hold on to being a blonde. I was a Blonde for three years, and it was so much fun. However, for my Wedding.. all I want is to look like myself. When I get Pregnant (hopefully in the next few years), I won’t be bleaching my hair, etc etc. I want to look like “myself” in my Wedding Photos, and I was so excited to go home, to dark. Wow. I love my hair dark, I should have done this a year ago! I’m back to Brunette, and loving it so much. Thanks to my amazingly talented Sister Paige, for being the Hair-Dressing Wizard you are. I’m back on the “dark side”, and I love it.

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Every since I was a child, my Birthday was always very special. My Sister/Best Friend Paige, was born 4 years before me.. but a DAY BEFORE! So basically, I was just minding my own business/ my 4-year-old life was rolling along all casually, and next thing I knew little PAIGE was born! I was so young, and confused & VERY jealously selfish! Here was this very adorable and cute little baby, and I was a just a jealous little guy. I honestly thought she was a “Birthday Present” and told my Mom to “TAKE HER BACK TO THE STORE”, as soon as I was annoyed by a crying little baby (aka lack of attention on me haha). I was dumbfounded by the fact they couldn’t just “exchange or return” this baby-doll toy!  I was obviously a child psychopath. Of course NOW I couldn’t imagine my life without my beautiful, vibrant, smart, talented, and amazing Sister/Best Friend Paige. I feel so lucky, and just ahh… I can’t put this deep feeling shit into words! I love you Paige. I would never try to “return” you now! You are the best thing in my life, and I’m so honored to “almost” share a birthday with you, every year. October is the greatest month ever. Also getting to un-pack my Autumn sweaters, into my closet.. is just the BEST feeling. I love Fall so much. I’m in a real Autumn Zone.

So once again, it was our birthday’s. We did so much fun family stuff, stuff together, and stuff alone with our boys…. We saw the new movie “A Star is Born”, which honestly was one of the most incredible film’s I’ve seen in YEARS. We LOVED it. We loved the script, the acting, the message… and omg that Soundtrack!! “Shallow” is everything. I can’t WAIT to review it in detail for you guys… the “October Wrap Up” is going to be fun. I’m so obsessed, it’s creepy.

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I got so many thoughtful, beautiful gifts, for my Birthday. I feel so loved! You guys must have known I would have gotten a few books, haha. I will be telling you every last detail, on my upcoming Wrap Up. SO many amazing books.

I will show you all the books….. (Fiction & poetry, etc) that I got for my Birthday. My Review’s will be coming in my up-coming “October Wrap Up”, but for now I will just show you some random gift-opening snaps.

We had a family Asian Hot-Pot Dinner, as well as dinner at the local Mexican Food Restaurant “Las Margaritas”, which is life-changing, it’s that good! Also we went to an adorable local Ice Cream place, and just went wild. Best Night. Best Almost-Husband. 45 Days! Eek!

I didn’t want to go above and beyond for my Birthday this year. My Bachelorette party is TONIGHT, as well as the Wedding is next month. So much going on! I can’t wait to share it all with you guys. I’m so nervous and excited for tomorrow night! I can’t believe it’s my Stagette! Keep you posted, xo

Love you all so much,



(All Photography @Carly Ingram Photography 2018)


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All Photography @Carly Ingram Photography 2018

(A Star Is Born Photos @Google Images 2018)

My Outfit: White Dress @Boohoo UK


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