My Bachelorette Party (Wildest Night Ever)

You Guys!!

It’s ALL happening now! The Wedding is almost ONE month away. I’m so excited, and also so terrified. I have SO much to do still, but lets forget all that for right now.

Last weekend, my Sister, my Bridesmaids, my Friends, and my brand new almost-Sister’s.. threw me the WILDEST night of my life. I am not much of a party-girl, and I think I’ve been in a limo maybe 3 times in my ENTIRE life. This night was crazy!

I knew the general outline of the evening, but my Maid of Honor/Sister Paige, managed to still completely surprise me all day. The day started around 2 pm, when I took a cab over to Paige’s apartment, to get my Hair and Makeup done. Our makeup artist was so wonderful, and Paige did such a great job with my hair.. I felt like a Kardashian or something, with my own Glam Team haha.

As soon as that was over, I decided I should order some food. I felt like I should eat something before the crazy night began. I just ordered two simple little grilled chicken skewers from Nandos (honestly one of my all-time fav Dinners), and I got them Extra Hot. I didn’t think much of it… but I was about mid-way through my chicken feast, when I started feeling really weird. Basically the chicken was so fucking HOT, that I was sweating my Professional makeup off!!!! Paige and I had such a good laugh about this.. and it was one of my fav moments of the night. Also the chicken was delicious! I just love it spicy haha.

After I got myself back under control, we took a few photos.. and then took a cab to the local Downtown Vancouver Restaurant Nightingale (which is one of the most incredible restaurants I’ve ever been to). As soon as we arrived, all my friends arrived at the same time.. and I just felt the most overwhelming thrill. I never really go out on the town, or have parties. You guys know me.. My idea of a thrilling Friday night, is watching an entire season of a True Crime Drama. As lame as this sounds, I felt really cool. I couldn’t believe this night was all for ME, and that everyone came out for it. I was just so happy and overwhelmed.

Dinner was incredible, and I was surprised with not one.. but TWO “HARRY POTTER” themed Bachelorette Party accessories. I got a beautiful red sash that said “Bride to Be” with the Deathly Hallows symbol & a Hufflepuff symbol! I almost CRIED when I saw it. As if this wasn’t amazing enough.. when I sat down at the table.. I had a sign saying “From Muggle to Mrs, Welcome to Carly’s Bachelorette”.  My Sister knows me too well, and I will never get over this. I felt so special.

After our amazing Dinner, we headed outside and a PINK STRETCH LIMO WAS OUTSIDE. A limo would have blown me away.. but a BRIGHT PINK LIMO.. I couldn’t even process it! We all piled in it, and the music started blasting.. the Champagne started popping.. it was just the best. Next thing we knew we were at “Fright Nights”, and we were all so excited. Our local Amusement Park, turns it’s lights off, opens a ton of Haunted Houses, runs the roller-coasters in the dark.. and basically scared the shit out of all of us for two hours! I haven’t smiled or laughed so hard in years. I can’t thank my Sister’s and my Friend’s enough for this night.

After our wild Fright-Night’s time, we got back in the Limo.. and rolled into the new Downtown Vancouver Casino.

Overall it was an amazing, wild, hilarious, CRAZY night…. and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Here are some photos of the madness. This doesn’t even capture 1/2 of the scene, haha!

See you all soon with some new Fall Blog Content,

Love Carly


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