Halloween Weekend Costume #2, Spice Up Your Life.

“Colours of the world 
Spice up your life 
Every boy and every girl 
Spice up your life 
People of the world 
Spice up your life 


For my second Halloween Weekend look, I went with another Icon of mine… none other than Geri Halliwell aka “Ginger Spice”. When I was a little kid, I loved the “Spice Girls” so much.. like in a very intense/slightly creepy obsessive way. I think 1996’s “Spice” was the first CD I ever bought.. and the “Spice Girls” concert was my first concert too! What a time to be alive haha. The sheer amount of merchandise the Spice-Machine came out with was RIDICULOUS, and I had to have it ALL! Do you guys remember all the stickers, lollipops, gum, t-shirts, Barbie’s…. and a million other things?? These were the hottest things in town, and all my little friends would come to school showing off their new Spice Backpacks, or Binders. I’ll never forget this one particular day… this story is on the top 10 “most embarrassing moments of my life” list. The brand new Spice Girl’s Barbie Dolls had JUST been launched, and Blockbuster was selling them. We called ahead, and they told us they had a “Baby” and two “Posh” dolls left. My mom raced us over there, and I think my palms were sweating I was so excited. We get to the Blockbuster, and the entire storefront was all glass. I opened the car door, and raced for the front door. I failed to see the GIANT FUCKING GLASS WINDOW two feet before the door, and I ran full speed into the glass.. completely smashing my head, and knocking myself out onto the sidewalk. I was so disoriented, and my head was burning.. but I got back up and raced inside to get that goddamn Baby Spice Barbie.


So yeah, dressing up like a Spice Girl has always been a dream. I wouldn’t say “Ginger” is my favorite of them all (I’ve always loved Baby), but that Union Jack Dress is SO iconic, and it’s the perfect Halloween Costume. I had so much fun getting my red wig on, getting into the little dress, and blasting their old songs. What a night. I’ll attach some photos of the costume! Hope you are all having a wonderful Halloween week,




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All Images of me @Carly Ingram Photography 2018

All Images of Geri Halliwell, and the Spice Girls @Google Images 2018

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