Podcasts I Can’t Live Without

Okay so the Google Definition of a “Podcast” is…

“a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.”

A few years ago, I had NO idea what a “Podcast” was, or any idea about how to possibly listen to one.. let alone subscribe to any of them. I can’t even put into words how much I was missing out on. I am obsessed with Podcasts now. I subscribe to over 20 of them, and they bring me so much joy. Anytime I have to commute to work, I download a few episodes, and listen to them. The hours FLY by, and I have become so hooked and riveted by some of the stories. Also when I have hours of Photo Editing to do, I will always pop on a Podcast. Not only that.. but I listen to them when I’m cooking, when I’m in the bath, when I’m at the beach, and ALWAYS when I fall asleep. So pretty much all the time. It’s free as well, which is wild.

So you might be wondering what Podcasts I’ve listened to and loved.. and which ones I’m currently obsessed with. I will break it down for you, by type. True Crime, Educational, Comedy, etc. I have to say my favorite type to listen to (usually in a binge-back-to-back one sitting situation) are True Crime Dramas. Some Series will dive into Cold Cases, or a crazy story.. and within the span of 10 episodes or so..you will learn everything about it, hear Interviews with the people involved… and it’s SO fascinating. It’s like watching a Documentary or a wild Netflix Series, all in your ears. Lately I’ve been obsessed with a Podcast, that each weeks delves into different Serial Killers, and local Murder-stories (I know this sounds creepy, but it’s incredible, and has millions of fans). Sometimes I’ll be listening to it, and I’m always wondering if anyone on the Bus can hear it through my Headphones haha.

So if you haven’t delved into the Podcast world, do yourself a huge favor, and get on it. You can Download the Podcast APP for free, and search and Download any episodes you want, from any show.. for free.

So without further ranting…. The Podcasts I can’t live without are….

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Comedy Podcasts/Interview Style Podcasts

  1.) “My Favorite Murder”

This is a “Comedy” Podcast, and it’s hilarious. It’s also an intense True Crime look into all things Murder/Serial Killers. It’s dark as hell, but so gripping.


I discovered this Podcast a few months ago, and I have completely devoured every single episode. I look forward to the new Episodes every week, and it’s just the most twisted little thrill of a show. They did a Live show in Vancouver a few weeks ago, but the tickets sold out immediately, and they were re-selling for like 300$ U.S. I would have paid that much to see them live, but I had an important family dinner to go to! Apparently the show was amazing.

“My Favorite Murder” is hosted by two hilarious women Georgia and Karen. Each week they both pick a “murder” or a True-Crime story about a Serial Killer, and they discuss it at length.. in a hilarious way. They also read e-mails from fans, about their own Hometown Murders that always fascinated them. The whole point of this show is for people who love True Crime, and unsolved Mysteries.. but who feel like a total creep bringing it up with their friends, or strangers at a party. There is a reason this Podcast is officially one of the MOST DOWNLOADED Podcasts of 2018. I know it sounds creepy and sort of morbid, but just trust me it’s very well done, and fascinating.

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2.) “W.T.F With Marc Maron”

A interview-based Podcast, where Comedian Marc Maron interviews a new celebrity/famous/notable guest each week. He’s Interviewed everyone from President Obama, to Jennifer Lawrence, Louis CK, Jay Leno, Mila Kunis.. etc etc. Each episode is so hilarious and really interesting to listen to. He has a calm way of asking very personal questions, and always gets his guests to open up WAY more than I’m sure they (or their Publicists) intended for them to. Love this one.


3.) “Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard”

This Podcast is also hugely successful, and I’ve only recently gotten into it. I like Dax Shepard a lot as an Actor & Comedian.. and while this Podcast has it’s very funny moments.. what I love about it is actually how insightful, and deep that Dax always ends up getting. He’s curious, and very non-judgmental, and loves to dig deep into his guests lives. This Podcast is so wonderful, and whip smart. I always feel like I learn so many new facts. His Amy Schumer, Seth Rogen, and Conan O’Brien episodes are my fav so far.


4.) “The Last House on the Left”

A hilarious Comedy Podcast, hosted by Comedians Ben Kissel, Henry Zebrowski, and Researcher Marcus Parks. It’s honestly laugh out loud in public funny, and comes out once a week on Friday’s. Each week they discuss a range of topics from UFO Sightings, to Conspiracy Theories, Serial Killers, Cults, and other Urban Legends/Creepy stories they find on the Internet. It’s so brilliant. I’ve gotten Ryan into it too, and he’s hooked. The “Bigfoot” episode was wild… and I now kind of think the Bigfoot might exist. I really hope they come to Vancouver for a Live-Show soon.


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True Crime/Investigative News Podcasts

1.) “Serial”

Season One of this show has been downloaded 68 MILLION TIMES!

I think most of you have already heard about “Serial” because it’s been all over the media for the past few years. People got really really obsessed with it, and just shouted about it from the rooftops (myself included). Ryan and I devoured Season 1 in a few days, and it still haunts me. I don’t want to say too much about the case, because it’s very layered and I’m worried about spoilers. It’s better to go into this case blind. The case in question, is a cold case.. about a murder of a young woman in 1999. The Podcast unfolds in a series of episodes, all about the case.. and about the man who was charged. The question is then presented.. did he really hill her? Is the wrong man in prison? Was his trial compromised? Will he get a new trial. It’s SO GOOD. The show is Hosted and Narrated by Journalist & Producer for “This American Life” Sarah Koenig, and she honestly has one of the most soothing voices I’ve ever heard. That sounds SO creepy of me, but just trust me. That voice sucks you in haha.


2.) “Someone Knows Something”

A CBC Radio True Crime Podcast

Each Season tells a different story, but the Season I listened to was Season 1. The Host David investigates a cold case, about a young boy who disappeared on a Fishing Tip back in 1972. What happened to him was never solved, and it remained a mystery for so many years. David decides to go to the town he disappeared from, and to extensively interview the police, and the Detectives who worked the case. It’s a really well done, and crazy story. I can’t wait to listen to Season 2 of this.

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3.) “S Town”

Created by the Producers of “Serial”

This Podcast is very unique in the way that it starts out as one thing, and completely changes into a different story very quickly. It’s hosted by Brian Reed, and it starts out with a man named John who contacts the “This American Life” offices, with a request for someone to come and investigate a murder in his hometown. Brian Reed starts investigating, and what he discovers is equal parts strange and amazing. This podcast also focuses on the friendship that develops between Brian and John.. and it’s hard to describe how strange it all really is. I can’t say much more without spoiling it, but this was a really odd, and amazing journey.


4.) “Dr. Death”

This is actually a HORRIFYING Podcast. Based on a real life on-going case, about a Neurosurgeon named Dr Christopher Duntsch. I’m not going to tell you what he did, or why this Podcast exists.. just an honest WARNING, if you are afraid of Surgery or Hospitals at all, do NOT listen to this. This was a very disturbing Podcast, but I couldn’t stop listening, until I’d heard every episode.. and until I knew how it was going to end. Wow.



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Fun Lifestyle/ Girly/ Social-Media/ Current Event/ Pop Culture Podcasts (Also NOT about Murder haha)

1.) “U Up?”

Dating Advice/ Comedy Podcast.. SO FUNNY

A hilarious comedy podcast, hosted by Comedian Jared Freid & “Betches” Creator Jordana Abraham. They discuss all things dating, online dating, social media, pop culture… and each week they read several e-mails from listeners, and help them with all their modern dating disasters. The advice they give is HARSH, and a brutal reality to the people who write in.. but it’s advice we all need to hear haha. You don’t need to be “single” to listen to this, they talk about marriage, kids, and just modern life in a digital age. It’s almost like having lunch with a wild friend of yours, who is telling you all the juicy details about their love life. It’s so interesting, mildly voyeuristic, and just so funny. I’ve been telling everyone I know to listen to this one.


2.) “Pretty Basic”

Hosted by You-Tube Stars Alisha Marie, and Remi Cruz. 


Over the past year, I’ve gotten really into the whole You-Tube scene, and Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz are two of my favorite Lifestyle Vloggers. I love their style, their videos, and just watching them live their daily lives on camera. That makes me sound like a total stalker psycho.. but between them they have over 8 million followers, so I SWEAR it’s not just me lurking.

Recently the two of them released a new podcast called “Pretty Basic”, and it’s only had a few episodes so far. They talk all things You-Tube, Body Image, Social-Media, Mental Health, and Dating. I find it really easy to relate to all the issues they are dealing with, and they are both so likable and cute. This is a really light and fun listen. Can’t wait for next Wednesday!


3.) “Goal Digger with Jenna Kutcher”

Lifestyle/ Business Advice 

I’ve been following Jenna Kutcher on Instagram for a long time, and I love her Photography and her overall message. She has a Podcast, that is full of super helpful episodes about how to grow your Photography Business, how to Blog, how to deal with clients, how to work with Social Media.. it’s amazing! I feel like I’ve learned so much from her, and there is so much value in her content. Highly recommend for anyone starting their own business, or who is looking to grow/shape their online brand.


4.) “The Receipts”

An amazing group of women from the U.K who hilariously answer listener questions all about life, relationships, and more. It’s so funny, and insightful. LOVE these women so much, I wish I lived in the U.K and I could desperately attempt to be-friend them haha.


5.) “Keeping it Candid”

A discussion every week between friends, and social-media influencers Sophie Milner and Millie Cotton (based in the U.K). Both are very successful Instagram/Bloggers, and I find their Podcast very interesting. I am very immersed in the Instagram/Blog world, so I find their advice and stories really helpful. If you are into Social Media, or fashion Blogging etc.. you will love these girls! Some episodes are heavier, and deal with the girls personal issues, mental health, body image, eating disorders, etc.


6.) “The Perez Hilton Podcast”

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH it’s embarrassing haha. If you were into Celebrity Gossip anytime in the mid 2000’s, chances are you were obsessed with Perez Hilton’s Blog. He is a celebrity blogger, who posts all kinds of photos and gossip about celebrities. It’s basically an online version of a People Magazine, but snarkier, and instant. He is often controversial, but I think he has a good heart, and I still (over 10 years later) religiously read his Blog. When I found out he, and Radio DJ Chris Booker, were starting their own Podcast, I HAD to listen. Each week they discuss ALL the hot Celebrity Gossip of the week, and they have so much insider information….. and it’s just so juicy and trashy and amazing. I feel like I know way too much about celebrities now, and I always annoy my friends with the latest updates. They love it, haha. The dynamic on this Podcast is hilarious too, as Perez and Chris OFTEN disagree on topics, and it gets so heated. You can tell they are best friends though, despite all the bickering. I love hearing details about Perez’s personal life, and all the funny stories about his children. It’s nice to get to know the man behind the infamous Blog.


That is all for now you guys! I am currently listening to a few more amazing Podcasts, and I will make sure to share them with you in my monthly Wrap-Up’s from now on 🙂

Thanks so much for reading everyone,

Have an amazing Holiday Week,



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