A Little Preview From Our Wedding

Happy Holidays Everyone!

The past week has been crazy with so much Christmas Chaos, that I’ve been slacking so much on my Blog Content. I know I promised my “November Wrap Up” was on it’s way, but at this point I think my best bet is to just combine it with my “December Wrap Up”, and put it out next week as one big/extra-long blog post! I promise you it will be worth it, because combined I have SO many Book, TV Shows, Netflix, Food, Makeup, Clothing…. and other glowing recommendations for you guys.

I figured before I post all of my Christmas Content, Wrap-Ups, and “Best of 2018” Posts.. I should probably go ahead and post those Wedding Photos I promised a few weeks ago.

We have only gotten about 10 of our “Professional Wedding Photos” back so far, so I will wait until we get them all, to post the entire collection for you to lurk. However, being a Photographer.. and having family and friends who are all VERY capable of using my camera (after hundreds of awkward/somewhat forced photo-shoots I’ve forced on them over the years haha).. we managed to capture our Wedding in some special candid moments. I thought I would share the photos I took, as well as the ones my family and friends snapped as well. Stay tuned for the Official photos, coming soon.

I still feel like the entire day was one magical dream. How did I get so lucky? I couldn’t be happier to officially be Mrs Gerrard. So much love.

See you soon with that goddamn Wrap-Up I keep postponing haha!



IMG_5995IMG_5991IMG_6242IMG_5985IMG_5970IMG_6006IMG_6027IMG_6035IMG_6045IMG_6081IMG_6072IMG_6057IMG_6134-2IMG_6111IMG_6105IMG_6347IMG_6127IMG_6268IMG_6193IMG_6208IMG_6188IMG_6158IMG_6106IMG_6141IMG_6149IMG_632347041396_10215670526813915_6070026096311533568_nIMG_6031IMG_6015IMG_6167IMG_6163IMG_6162IMG_6238IMG_6233IMG_6227IMG_6261IMG_6074IMG_6293IMG_6284IMG_6297-2IMG_6299IMG_6303IMG_6275IMG_6279-2IMG_6270IMG_6200IMG_6262IMG_6185IMG_6179IMG_6334IMG_6373IMG_6371IMG_6379-2IMG_6381IMG_6369IMG_6368Processed with VSCO with v8 presetIMG_6401Facetune_27-11-2018-10-42-40IMG_6479IMG_6480IMG_638446954940_10215670533094072_2534621464506662912_nIMG_6391IMG_6493


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(All Images @Carly Ingram Photography 2018) & a few taken by my beautiful friend Espie)


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