Honeymoon Adventures, Mexico Style

Happy New Year Everyone!

Before I go ahead and post my “Best of 2018” Post, as well as my “Nov & Dec Combined Wrap Up’s”.. I thought I would share some of our personal Honeymoon photos with you guys.

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The day after our Wedding, we packed up our suitcases and headed off to Cabo San Lucas Mexico! In hindsight we probably should have given ourselves another day or two in between to pack, because it was a bit of a mad dash to the airport. Regardless, we made it there bright and early at 4:30 am for our flight! I don’t remember much of the flight, thanks to my anti-flight-anxiety drugs.. and it was amazing. Also I think Ryan had a much more relaxing trip haha. Apparently I SLEPT, and listened to an Audio-Book! SLEPT?! Who am I? I don’t think I’ve ever slept on a plane before, ever. I’m usually white-knuckling it, sweating, sometimes crying, and just generally upsetting everyone in my aisle haha.

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We arrived in Mexico, and boarded a little shuttle bus to our Hotel, right on the beach in  San José del Cabo. Our hotel was in a really nice area, which was about 20/30 minutes away from all the wild-touristy Downtown Cabo stuff. Downtown is where all the cruise ships park, where the famous “arch” is, and where all the tours leave from. It has tons of shopping, restaurants, and clubs… and it’s CRAZY BUSY. I’m so glad we decided to stay a little bit outside of the main hub, because it had a much more relaxed vibe.

Our hotel was gorgeous, and as soon as we checked in, hooked up our (not great) in-room Internet, and managed to figure out where all the in-hotel Restaurants were.. we were off to the pool! I can’t even explain how hot it was, and what a shock it was to be in a bathing suit on the beach… after less than 10 hours ago being in freezing late-November rainy Vancouver.

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For the first few days, we sun-bathed, ate so many tacos, strolled around on the beach, and read for hours by the pool. It was so nice to relax after all the Wedding stress, and just do nothing at all. Our hotel was an all-inclusive, so all the food and drinks were included.. which was wild. I’ve been to a few different all-inclusive’s in Mexico before, and this hotel had by FAR the best food. I think because it’s a smaller hotel, it’s less about mass-producing buffet-style food, and more about smaller plates of delicious options. That being said, after being at the hotel for 14 days straight, we ended up getting really sick of eating the same thing every day.. so we went off the Resort, and found some INCREDIBLE local Restaurants. I will share with you guys below all the places we discovered, in case you find yourself in the  San José del Cabo area!

One huge packing mistake I made (that I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE), is that for some insane reason I only packed ONE BOOK. I was having a hard time deciding which books to bring, and I figured I could just grab one at the Airport bookstore. I always buy a book at the Airport, when I’m on an important trip… to have as a reminder/memento, so this seemed like a great idea. It WASN’T, because when we got to the Vancouver Airport it was 4 am, and NONE of the Bookshops were open!! At our layover in Calgary, I managed to find ONE book, which I promptly snagged. As you can imagine I finished this book within our first three days… and with two weeks left to go I was horrified. There were ZERO books at the Hotel Gift Shop, and we decided to head to the “Comer” (kind of like a Mexican version of Wall-Mart) down the street, and I kid you NOT there was only two books in English there. It was my lucky day though, because one of the two was a Historical Fiction Young Adult book, that I actually really wanted to read. I managed to get this one to last me the rest of the trip.. so a huge thank you to the Comer!

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The ocean was very rough in front of our hotel, and there were multiple warnings telling us not to swim in the ocean. We did anyways, but you could hardly call it swimming. We kind of waded around, and I got knocked down by a wave REAL quick… with like five pounds of sand in my bathing suit. Didn’t get back in again after that haha.

The second week of our trip, we decided to book some Off-Resort-Tour-Packages with Cabo Adventures. We had so many different options to choose from, and ended up narrowing it down to a Sailing Cruise/Snorkeling Adventure, and an Electric Bike Beach & Trail Ride/ Margarita & Salsa Making Class!

The day of the Sailing Cruise, a shuttle picked us up from our Hotel at 8 am, and we drove for about an hour into Downtown Cabo. Once we got to the Cabo Adventures main offices, we then met up with our Tour Guide, and the rest of our group. There ended up being about ten of us, and we all followed him down to the dock. It was so much fun getting onto the boat, and seeing all the huge cruise ships parked in the marina. For 10 am the party was really getting started. The on-board guide, handed everyone Mimosas right away, and the Sailboat took off on a tour of the famous “Arch”, as well as “Lovers Beach”, and many other gorgeous sights. It was honestly like something out of a travel brochure! We saw a pod of WHALES, and a bunch of baby Dolphins! It was so beautiful, and such an incredible experience. I almost fell off the boat trying to get a photo of the baby Dolphins haha. After Sailing for a few hours we got to this little cove, and then our Guide let us loose with the snorkeling equipment and paddle-boards. Snorkeling was so much fun, and it was amazing to swim in the ocean without the gigantic waves. It was a bit terrifying to put your mask on, and peek into the water…. and see (I’m not exaggerating) like over 200 fish.. RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE. The craziest thing is that hundreds of fish are swimming in every direction, but none of them touch you.. they all just pass by. I think one grazed my ankle, but it was feather light and I probably imagined it. This was such a great day. Also the lunch they served on board was DELICIOUS. Homemade Guacamole, Shrimp Skewers, and a pasta salad. Ryan said it was his favorite meal he had the entire trip (which is quite a statement, given the amazing restaurants we discovered by our hotel).

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Our second Day-Trip Adventure, was the Electric Biking Day. I think Ryan and I both agreed this was the most fun day of the whole trip! We took a shuttle bus for almost two hours, through miles of desert, until we reached the beach on the opposite coast. The drive was so beautiful, and it really felt like we were in the middle of nowhere. Our shuttle van was literally driving through a cactus-filled desert, smashing through pot-holes and little hills.. it was like off-roading! Once we arrived, to my shock there were about 30 CAMELS there!!! There was a camel-beach-ride Tour option as well, that leaves from the same spot in the desert.. so it was so cool to see. We didn’t really want to ride any of the Camels, something about it seemed a bit sad. I’ve never seen a camel in real life before though, and it was almost surreal to see them up close.

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I was very nervous all morning about the Electric Bike. I know how to ride a bike, but I’m NOT athletic or coordinated in the slightest. Also the idea that this bike was ELECTRIC, and that we were going to be riding them on the BEACH and through the DESERT… I was freaking out. We had the most outstanding Tour Guide in the world, her name was Dulce, and we immediately bonded when she was helping me get situated on this HUGE Electric Bike. I had to put on a helmet, knee-pads, elbow pads etc.. and while she was helping me she spotted by little Harry Potter ankle tattoo. She said to me “What’s that tattoo?”, and I was like “Oh uhh it’s a Harry Potter tattoo, the “Deathly Hallows”, and she then pulled out her arm… and she had the EXACT SAME tattoo! It was so wild. She showed us how to ride the bikes, and honestly it was so much easier than I thought it would be. Using the throttle, you don’t even need to pedal, you can just steer it along. Also on the beach in some areas of deep sand, the throttle is great.. you just blast it and cruise right over the sand without sinking. I probably looked ridiculous. I wore these little floral shorts, that in hindsight look less like shorts and more like a way-too-short skirt… but whatever. Our group was so much fun, and biking down the beach… with the ocean on our side.. was hands down one of the Top 10 most amazing experiences of my life. Biking through the desert was really cool too, but it can’t beat the wind in your hair/spray from the sea moment I was having. After we biked for about 2 hours, we pulled into a little hut and learned how to make Margaritas and Salsa the Traditional way! Then they treated us to a lunch of the most delicious Quesadilla’s I’ve ever had. One was a Spicy Mushroom, the other Apple & Poblano Pepper.. and the final was a Spicy Pork.  We got to use our handmade salsa too, and ours was very spicy (I made sure to use like 2-3 Habenero Peppers). We were so sad when this day came to a close, it really was incredible. I HIGHLY recommend this, if you guys are up for an adventure. Also if you can, make sure you try to book your Tour with Dulce, she was the best!

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The first week of our trip, the Internet was a bit dodgy, so we only had one English Channel in the hotel room. It played back-to-back old movies, and by “old” I mean early 2000’s movies. It was kind of fun, because we ended up watching a bunch of totally random movies we never would have looked twice at. Thankfully the second week, Ryan got the Internet sorted out & the Netflix hooked up.. and we were in Heaven.

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All in all, our Honeymoon was the best time ever. It ended up being way more of an adventure than I ever imagined, and it was also really romantic and lovely. Being able to call Ryan my Husband in front of strangers, was also pretty exciting <3

I will attach all the photos we took from our trip, as well as a list of my Recommendations (in case you are in Cabo).

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See you soon with my Best of 2018 & Nov/Dec Wrap Up’s!

Our Hotel

The Royal Decameron ( San José del Cabo)

Places To Eat (Other than our Hotel)

1.) Lateral Crudo y Asado @Ave Familia Rotaria 452-B | Local-eSan Jose del Cabo

This place was a little hidden gem, right across from our Hotel. It’s kind of hidden in a small shopping complex, but it was the best tacos we found the entire trip. The first night we ate there, we both looked at each other and were like “WE ARE COMING BACK TOMORROW”. We went back several more times, because we needed to try literally everything on the Menu. Amazing service, great vibe, and the TACOS!!!

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2.) Kahe Sushi Bar @Plaza Mega Comercial Local 4 y 5San Jose del Cabo 

Ryan was craving Sushi one day, and this place was PACKED with locals. As soon as we walked in, we could tell it was going to be amazing. The food being delivered to the tables all around us, was so well presented and gorgeous looking. I’m not a Sushi fan, but Ryan said it was amazing. The Wonton Soup I had was delicious, as well as my Spicy Udon. This place is in the same complex as the Comer (Wall-Mart type store), as well as a McDonalds. This is all right across the street from the hotel too.

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3.) La Dolce Villa @Paseo Malecon San Jose, Baja California Sur

This Ice Cream place is right next door to the Sushi place, and it’s the cutest little shop!

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Love Carly

All Photography @Carly Ingram Photography 2019

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