A Little Birthday Getaway: Tofino Style

Hello Again!

It’s ALMOST Halloween, and I am way too excited. I’ve got three costumes in the works, and I can’t wait to share them all with you next week! Halloween Blog content is always the most fun to shoot.

A few weeks ago it was my Birthday, and my adorable Husband took me on a little Weekend Getaway. I’ve been wanting to go to Tofino (on Vancouver Island) for years! I’ve been once when I was a kid, but not for many years. Not only is it one of the most gorgeous and picturesque places in the world, but also as a former die-hard “Twilight” fan.. I really needed to visit all those filming locations, haha.

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Ryan surprised me a few weeks back, and booked us into the CUTEST HOTEL I think I’ve ever stayed in. It’s called “Ocean Village Resort” in Tofino, and they are these little cottages right on the beach. We rented one of the Upper Suites, and it was honestly like a cozy luxury tree-house! I can’t even put into words how perfect it was.. I have tons of photos to share with you, that will hopefully be able to convey it’s magic.

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The room was adorable, with very high ceilings, a huge bed, and floor to ceiling views of the ocean. We could hear the rain on the roof at night, and it was so cozy. The bathroom was equally adorable, with a huge tub. It also had a full Kitchen, and we made dinner the first night, and watched the season finale of our new T.V OBSESSION “Succession” on HBO (more on that, in my upcoming monthly Wrap Up). Waking up to the most beautiful view, on my Birthday was priceless. We spent the day walking the beaches, exploring the town, eating at all the hot spots.. and Ryan literally gave me the best Birthday I’ve ever had (followed very closely by my Birthday trip to Harry Potter world, two years ago).

Also a side note, Ryan is honestly PERFECT, and he decorated the hotel room in SO much “Harry Potter” Birthday treats. He hung a giant “Happy Birthday” banner from wall-to-wall, and had little HP House cups, napkins, etc. Also he blew up so many balloons, bought so much Diet Coke, and just spoiled me WAY too much. (ALSO side note: he got me a “Barbie-Skirt” cake, that I’ve been telling him about for years. I always see them online (mostly at kids parties haha), and said “Ahh I want one of these for my birthday”. WELL he made it happen. He may have torn the legs off a plastic Barbie, but it was perfection.) I am honestly the luckiest girl in the world. Thanks for the perfect Birthday Ry, I love you endlessly.

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As for recommendations, these are the places we loved the most.

Hotel: Ocean Village Resort

Breakfast: Rhino Coffee. This is right in Downtown Tofino, and they have hands down the BEST Breakfast Sandwich we’ve ever had. The line up was out the door, and it was about a 30 minute wait.. but SO worth it. Amazing Donuts too!

Lunch: We hit up the Tacofino Food Truck (which is the Original Truck), and it blew us away. I had the famous Crispy Chicken Burrito, and Ryan had the Chicken Gringa (which was like a mix between a Grilled Cheese & a Quesadilla. Both were SO good, we were too full to go out for dinner.

Shopping: We found the most ADORABLE little Book-Shop Downtown, called “Mermaid Tales Bookshop”, and Ryan bought me some Birthday books. It was just perfect.

Drinks: We checked out the Tofino Brewery, which was so cool. Ryan got a big collectible Jug of Beer to take back to our hotel too!

That’s really all of my Recommendations, because honestly our Hotel was so amazing we never wanted to leave haha.

And now for the fun part, here are all of the photos of our Tofino Adventure. Also PS: Please enjoy several photos of me living out all my “Twilight” fantasies, on the beach haha.

See you all soon,



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