Two Birthdays, Whistler Style

Why Hello There You Guys!

This past month has been CRAZY. As you all know October is my favorite month of the year, mainly because of Halloween. .but also because it’s home to so many family birthdays! It’s my Sister Paige’s birthday on the 5th, MINE on the 6th.. and Ryan’s on the 17th. Needless to say it’s been a wild month so far. Not only that, but I’ve been hard at work getting my 5 Halloween Costumes ready for next week. I know 5 sounds excessive, but you guys know how much I love to dress up. I live for this shit.. and this year has been such trash, so I mean I REALLY needed this, haha! Can’t wait to share all my little outfits with you next week 🙂

Anyways, back to this little post. My Sister and I spontaneously decided to whip to to Whistler for our Birthday celebrations, and it was the most amazing two days ever. If you guys have ever been to Whistler B.C, you know how magical the drive up the Sea-To-Sky Highway is. Add into the mix, the fact that we are in full-blown Fall.. and it was just everything out of my fairytale dreams. 

Once we got to Whistler, and checked into our hotel.. we hit the Village to celebrate Paige’s Birthday. After that we raced back to the hotel room, and once it hit midnight (and was officially my birthday) they had a little cake & sparklers for me! It was so so cute. ALSO I got a Baby Yoda doll.. which might be the greatest present I’ve ever received. I almost cried when I saw him, haha! I’m aware this is probably a psychotic thing, but like I said this year has been insane.. Baby Yoda is the kind of thrill I’m after.

The next day we had Brunch in the Village at “Elements” (which is hands down the most incredible Brunch place I’ve ever been in my life), and went shopping to the little local Bookshop “Armchair Books”. Pretty much the perfect way to spend my Birthday. After that we drove home, and stopped off at Brandywine Falls, which was SO beautiful it took my breath away. It’s the kind of place you see, and it’s almost TOO much to take in all at once. I just stood there with my mouth hanging open, for like way too long haha. Also the “Lord of the Rings” nerd within me, was freaking out about the name of this park. I mean “Brandywine”, you LOTR nerds feel me.

Here are some photos of our two day Whistler getaway. I had the best time ever, and I pinch myself every year at how incredibly lucky I am to have the family I do. I can’t believe I get to basically share my Birthday with my Sister &  Best Friend.. every single year. Couldn’t ask for more <3

See you all soon with some wild Halloween content,

Happy October,



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