Tofino, The Most Beautiful Fall Destination

Happy Holiday’s You Guys!

I can’t believe Christmas is TWO WEEKS away! I’ve got lots of exciting Christmas/ End of the Year content coming to the Blog soon. I’m not even going to PRETEND I’m doing a month/by/month Wrap-Up of the past year. I’ve decided to do a “End of 2020 Wrap Up”, and just show you guys the best of the best. I have no excuse for my ridiculous laziness, but I think you all know how this year has been. Even with more time than I’ve EVER had to work on my Blog content, I’ve never been less productive. That being said, now that I’m combining the best of the last 10 months, I think you guys are in for a great post (with only the best suggestions). Honestly the thing I’ve done the most of this year, is watch TV & Movies, so I’m confident I’ve got some gems for you guys.

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I’m also planning a little Christmas Gift Guide Post, as well as a belated Halloween Costume Round Up (since I know how much you love the Halloween content), and I DID have like 5 costumes haha.

So back to the post at hand….

Tofino B.C, is my second favorite place in the entire world, only losing out for the top spot by a thin margin, to the stunning Paris of course. Paris was like watching a fairytale come to life, and I’m still not quite over it. I can’t wait until the pandemic is over, and we can travel again.. I think it’s top of my list.

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Since Tofino is on Vancouver Island, we thought it would be a great place to go for a week in the Fall. October was the perfect month, as we were already on the Island celebrating our Birthday’s with the family. I’ve been wanting to go back to “Ocean Village Beach Resort”, the beautiful resort we stayed at last year at the same time.

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I can’t put into words how INCREDIBLE “Ocean Village” is. It’s right on the ocean at MacKenzie Beach, and it consists of several little wood frame cabins. We rented the top suite of Cabin #9, and it was just as stunning as last year. Checking in and opening your suite door, is breathtaking. It’s like a magical treehouse, with high wooden arched ceilings, a beautiful bed, great kitchen and sitting area.. and a bathtub that I’ve been thinking about all year. The balcony looks out over the ocean, and stretch of beach.. it’s just WOW. I think the photos I’m going to share below will do it justice better, than my long-winded description haha.

We had the most wonderful week, just taking it super easy and getting so much fresh air. We wandered the beaches, explored the woods, laid in the dark listening to the rain on the wooden roof, and ate so much fantastic food (which I’ll get to in a minute). Tofino is the cutest place ever, and I spent hours looking at Real Estate on our trip, because I was having major fantasies of us moving there (never say never) 🙂 The town is so cute, and everyone is so friendly! Everywhere we looked, someone was surfing or biking around. It has very Whistler vibe, but more ocean/surf, than mountains/ski.

We ate & shopped at so many great places, I wanted to do a little breakdown for you guys.. in case you happen to head to Tofino yourself!



(Rhino Coffee House) The absolute best coffee, treats & breakfast sandwiches! A MUST try.

(Wolf in the Fog) The Brunch here is out of this world. We didn’t get a chance to try Lunch or Dinner, but I’ve heard rave reviews.

Lunch & Dinner

(Shelter) We ordered take out from this restaurant, and it was SO good. I had their famous “Surf Bowl”, which reminded me a lot of the “Cactus Club” Teriyaki Rice Bowl.. and I loved it so much. We also tried some of their Soup & Apple Crumble. Loved it all.

(Shed) This place had one of the best burgers I’ve ever had. Both the chicken burger & the cheeseburger were amazing! They also have great soft serve Ice Cream. It reminded me a lot of the U.S “Shake Shack”.

(The Infamous Tacofino Food Truck/Original Truck) The wait for this is a bit of a long one, but it’s worth it. I love the Crispy Chicken Burrito, as well as the Chicken Gringa & the Fish Tacos. We have a Tacofino restaurant here in the city, but it’s fun to check out the original Truck 🙂

Drinks & Stuff

(The Tofino Brewery) This place is so great! They brew small batch, handcrafted beer’s using high quality malted barley and Pacific Northwest hops. They also fill Growler’s & sell Beer to go.

(The Tofino Distillery) This was one of the coolest places we went. It’s located right up the street from the Brewery, and it’s full of all kinds of handmade premium spirits. They have several types of Vodka, Gin, and even Absinth! If you are feeling adventurous I’d recommend trying the “Psychedelic Jellyfish Absinthe”, it’s wild! We picked up a Traditional “West Coast Gin”, and it’s like no other Gin I’ve ever tasted. This is how they describe it on their Website (Traditional West Coast Style Gin.  Our take on this classic is well rounded with a blend of floral, woods and citrus notes. A truly inspiring cocktail gin that stands up well with any mix. Known historically for its medicinal qualities, the Spirit…)

(Daylight Tofino Cannabis) This Marijuana Dispensary is really cute, and has everything you could ever want in the Cannabis zone. All kinds of pre-rolls, vape cartridges, gummies & THC stuff. It’s also right on the same little street as the Brewery & Distillery. It’s a fun street for sure 🙂

My only other suggestion, is to walk all around the little town, and check out all the local Artisan shops. My favorite is the “Mermaid Tales Bookshop”, and I bought so many things inside!

Anyways, If you haven’t been to Tofino I highly recommend it. It’s so peaceful, and beautiful there. Not only can you live out all your 2009 “Twilight” fantasies, but you can really escape the vibe of the big city, and re-charge.

I took tons of photos of course, and I will attach the remaining ones below. I’ll also attach some photos of the end of our trip, when we went to a Pumpkin Patch in Nanaimo 🙂 Our nephew & niece are the absolute cutest! Hope you guys enjoy, and I’ll see you soon with my end of the year content 🙂



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