Quick Game of Tennis Anyone?

Happy Summer Everyone!

I don’t know about you guys, but here in Vancouver B.C, we have been going through an INSANE heatwave. It’s been so ridiculously hot, that everyone in the city without A.C was in a panic! Almost all of the Downtown Vancouver hotels were sold out last week! I (like so many others) do NOT have A.C, and let me tell you.. it was a wild time. I pretty much sat on the couch by the fan all day, with like three ice packs on my head. Thankfully this week is much cooler, and I can go back to wearing one of my new favorite Summer 2021 trends… the “Preppy Tennis Skirt Look”.

I’ve been seeing Tennis-Skirts trending all over social media, fashion magazines, Instagram… and on the streets & inside the cute shop windows in Vancouver. Pleated mini-skirts in general are a huge trend for 2021…. pastel ones, neutral colored ones, tartan print ones (which are VERY “Gossip Girl”), and so many more. It’s the easiest trend to dress up with some fantastic heels, and a sexy top… or dress down with sneakers and a crewneck. The most popular look I’ve been seeing is the solid color (mainly white, black, or navy blue) skirt, with a crewneck and a collar underneath. This is usually paired with sneakers or heels.. and is always ALWAYS is paired with little socks (even with the heels!). I know socks with high-heels sounds insane, but I just think it’s so trendy & cute! I’m obsessed with it, but to be fair I’ve always been a socks-with-heels enthusiast.  Also Pro-Tip I’ve learned is… you know how it always looks like people are wearing a collared shirt underneath their crewneck sweaters?? Most of them aren’t! I found the best sneaky little hack… a “faux-collar” from Amazon. It’s literally like a collar with bra-like straps, that you wear around your neck, and can tuck under ANY shirt.. without any of the extra bulk (or extra heat) of a long sleeved shirt. It’s honestly been game changing, and I’ve made all my friends buy one. They are also super affordable, and are all usually around $10-15! You can even get embellished ones, the options are endless!

So basically I’ve been running around like a little Tennis player all Spring, and I’m bringing this trend right on into Summer with me. I find it hilarious because I am AWFUL at Tennis, and I am such a poseur. That’s okay with me though haha, it’s honestly the cutest Summer look.

What are some of your guys’ favorite Summer 21 trends?

See you all soon with some cute & fun Summer content,

Stay cool out there, and I hope for your sake you have A.C (or at least a great fan).




My Outfit Details

Skirt & Sweater Both From H&M

Socks From Depop

Shoes From Steve Madden

Detachable Collar From Amazon

Hair Bow & Glasses from ASOS

Book “Film for Her” Poetry By Orion Carloto, Bought on Amazon

“Art Makes Us” Book Tote From The Vancouver Art Gallery

Vintage Camera, A Gift from My Mom

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