The Most Chaotic & Wildly Fun Road Trip to Banff.

Why Hello my lovely Blog Readers 🙂

November is here in Vancouver, and it has been STORMY as hell! Wild winds, crazy rain, and yet still the perfect cozy Fall vibes. It’s basically been an absolute Fall dream for me, and I am full-speed ahead into my Christmas Decorations. Also PS, check back here tomorrow, because I’ve got all my Halloween content for you guys 🙂 I’m so happy with how my costumes came out, and I can’t wait to share with you all. 


All of that aside, I am finally finished with my Banff travel Blog Post! My Sister Paige and I took a trip to Calgary a few weeks ago, with our Dad, to attend our Sister Lisa’s 50th Birthday party! It was the first time I had been on a plane, or in an airport.. in over a year and a half! That was such a weird feeling to have, mixed with a sense of relief that travel is getting slowly back to normal as well 🙂


If you guys know me, you know I have a paralyzing fear of flying.. but this time I wasn’t as scared. I clung to my Sister’s hand, and made her distract me with celebrity trivia and a few shots of vodka, haha!

Lisa’s party was one for the books! So much fun, so many laughs, and so much friendship, family, and love all in one home. It was a fantastic night, and despite maybe one or ten too many Jell-O shots, Paige and I were off the next morning on our road trip to Banff.


Paige and I had a few days off work to kill, so we figured “what the hell, lets rent a car and go see what’s happening in Banff”. Banff is one of those places I’ve always wanted to see, but I’ve just never gotten around to it. This was the perfect chance to travel, sightsee, and also have a hilariously chaotic Road Trip with Paige. What happened over the next 72 hours was INSANITY, hahaha. We should never be allowed to travel anywhere ever again.

The drive from Calgary to Banff was about 2 hours, but I managed to get us completely lost. I don’t know how to drive, and my understanding of Google Maps is nothing to write home about. Poor Paige was racing around in our rental car, following my completely wrong directions. We were also both hungover, and it was just the most chaotic energy you have ever seen haha. We ended up having to pull over to a Wall-Mart, so we could buy ridiculously giant sweat suits, and just get all cozy and lean into the crazy day. We ended up spending an hour in Wall Mart dying laughing, causing trouble, and just making the best kind of weird inside Sister jokes you can make.


Finally,  we are back on the road to Banff, blasting Celine Dion, and wearing our new sweat suits, haha!

We made it into beautiful Banff! Everything I could see from the car window, took my breath away. Every mountain was like something out of “Lord of the Rings”. It was so beautiful. We checked into our adorable hotel, and we spent the next two days exploring.

We explored the town, the sights, the local restaurants, and so much more. We went on hikes, and checked out the beautiful lakes! We also went on an incredible horseback riding trip too! It was so amazing to have this time with Paige, and to make so many new memories for the Sister vault 🙂

I will attach some snapshots I captured on our few days in Banff, as well as a few from the day we headed home to Vancouver. THAT day was insane. Normal people who have to board a plane in 2 hours, don’t usually pull off the highway to attend a local carnival (with RIDES).. which we obviously did, haha! That was just the most chaotic thing on Earth, and I will forever cherish every single memory, and every single laugh from those few hours. Also the photo captured of me and Paige (in our Wall-Mart tracksuits & hats) on the Roller-Coaster, will forever be my absolute favorite photo hahah. 

Hope you guys enjoy the photos & if you have never been to Banff… you must go!





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