The Mod Squad

Hey You Guys!

I’ve missed posting on here so very much. I’ve been really sick the last month or so, and I have been totally out of commission. That being said.. I have so much fun stuff coming your way for Spring. I’ve read so many incredible books, got so many cute new outfits.. and watched countless incredible Movies & TV Shows. So many hot recommendations coming your way 🙂

To kick things off, I HAD to do a little cheeky Fashion post about THIS outfit. I randomly came across this two-piece outfit at Zara a few weeks ago. It was everything out of all my 60’s & 70’s Mod-Squad dreams. I was channeling my inner Edie Sedgwick, and I loved every single second of it.

XO, Carly.

What was the mod trend?

{The twiggy/Mod Revival look is all about bold graphic, floral and geometric prints, short A-line hems, tunic dresses, high necklines, monochromatic and bright colors, and bold makeup. Accessories include headbands, patterned tights, chunky bangles, cute flats and chunky heels. (Google)

1960s mod fashion seemed to be divided into two parts: the elegant styles developed from the previous years of the 1950s, and the new modern styles popularized by the youth of the decade. Today, I am going to explore these popular styles of the 1960s and show you how to recreate the look with 60’s style clothes available from online retailers today.

The ’60s saw a saturation of new styles, prints, colors and patterns being utilized and explored. The Pop Art movement was in full-swing, The Beatles were top of the charts on both sides of the Atlantic, and a new article of clothing was about to cause chaos – the mini skirt. (Vintage Dancer)}


Top & Skirt Both @ Zara

All Photography @ Carly Ingram Photography 2022


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