“Film For Her”, A Poetry & Photography Collection

“And if those memories- monumental or mundane- slip between our fingers and linger off into the unknown just like everything else we’ve ever grown out of, then I’m certain we will always look back and remember that it was we who lived so carelessly for what felt like an endless summer” – {Poem Title “Could It Be That We Are The Lucky Ones”, by Orion Carloto} 

Hello Again 🙂

I have read so many beautiful poetry collections this year, but none have come close to the experience I had reading the lovely Orion Carloto’s “Film For Her”. I have been a huge fan of Orion’s Photography, Art & Instagram content, for years. Not only is she absolutely stunning ( I have the biggest crush on her), but her aesthetic and eye for Art is out of this world perfection.

When I saw she had a poetry collection back in 2017 coming out, I RAN to the bookshop to grab it. “Flux” was such an amazing collection of her poems, and it was all of my Top 10 lists for that year. It just spoke to me on such a deep level. So.. in 2020 when she released “Film For Her”, it was an instant buy. Not only is this book filled with deeply personal poetry (it’s almost like a journal in parts, with her own handwriting on postcards, letters, and more) but it is jam packed with STUNNING photographs she’s taken over her travels & life. It is also a love letter to the city of Paris, which you all know is my favorite place on Earth.

Every single page of this book is beautiful, and I just cherish it so much.

Please check it out,



“don’t get too close,
i’ll turn you
into poetry” – Orion Carloto

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