The Gambier Island Adventures

“Very few things in life can be so exhilarating as a cabin in the middle of the forest and loving life effortlessly while enjoying the smell of freshly ground heaven in your hot cup, in front of a fireplace… Sweet Solitude, you have taught me to live with very little. So very little it turned out to be a luxury.” Efrat Cybulkiewicz

Hello You Guys & Happy “Almost Summer”. The days are getting longer, and everything is starting to feel like warmer days are right on our heels. One thing that always signals the beginning of Summer for me, is the first Gambier Island trip of the year.

Growing up my family and I would head to Gambier Island, to our cabin up there.. for pretty much the entire Summer. My Sister and I grew up there, running barefoot through the fields, swimming in the ocean, sun tanning on the dock, sinking our rowboat & playing hours of flashlight tag. It was the most idyllic place to spend our Summers, and the nostalgia I feel is overwhelming.

As Paige and I have gotten older, we don’t go up as often as we would like.. but every chance we get to go is such a gift. I can’t explain what it feels like to walk in those front doors, and look out the windows to one of the most beautiful views I’ve ever seen. It is such a feeling of Home, and it’s intoxicating in it’s Summer ways.

Sleeping in my teenage bedroom up there is so weird, and deeply fun. I literally slept in my “Little Mermaid” sheets, surrounded by all by old “Sweet Valley High” books & Polly Pockets (also a few cheeky little “Lord of the Rings” figurines floating around there too).

We got a chance to spend the May Long Weekend up there, for the first time of the year.. and it was absolute perfection. Not only just for us, but for little baby Kona (our Puppy). Living in Downtown Vancouver, it’s very rare to ever have our Puppy off leash. At Gambier Kona can run wild, and she has never ever been happier. It was maybe my favorite part of the entire weekend.

Anyways, long story short it was lovely & I wanted to share some of my most beloved photos from our trip.

See you all very soon with my Spring Wrap Up 🙂



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