Book Review #2: “That Night”, by Chevy Stevens

That Night

By: Chevy Stevens

IMG_2743The second book in the “Mid-May Reading Challenge”, was “That Night”, by Chevy Stevens. I have read all of Chevy Stevens other books, and I love her writing so much. Most of her stories are entirely set in B.C, anywhere from Vancouver to Nanaimo. I love reading about places that I can quite literally actually imagine, since I’ve either lived there or been multiple times on Vacation 🙂

This book is a Mystery/Thriller/Contemporary read, and it’s AMAZING. I never used to read any thriller/mystery type books.. until “Gone Girl”, by Gillian Flynn came along. That book blew my mind, and I have loved thrillers ever since. IMG_2745The story is told in two different time periods, narrated by the same character 15-17 years apart. It’s a story about a young girl named Toni (set in Campbell River), who along with her boyfriend Ryan, are wrongly charged and imprisoned for her younger sister Nicole’s horrific murder. The idea of this is so terrifying, that reading about it literally sent chills down my spine.

The story travels back and forth from Toni’s present day life in the year 2012, and the year of the murder back in 1996. This book starts off with an intense bang, introducing us to the narrator Toni, who is being released after spending 15 years in prison. This quote at the end of Chapter One, gripped me so hard, that I read the entire story in one night. “I was thirty four now and had been in custody since I was eighteen, when Ryan and I were arrested for my sister’s murder. We’d been alone with her that night, but we hadn’t heard Nicole scream. We hadn’t heard anything. I’d spent almost half my life behind bars for a crime I didn’t commit. The anger never really leaves you”.– Page 4

The story focuses on Toni and Ryan’s search for answers about what actually happened “that night”, and what happened all the years they were apart and in prison. It is a very chilling and disturbing read, that absorbs you so fully into the story you feel like you ARE Toni, and it makes you physically ache for her to get the justice she and Ryan deserve.

This book was so so wonderful. I don’t want to say anything else about the book, or the story. I would never want to spoil, the INSANELY good twist, or just how many twists and turns the story takes. It’s so so good, just read it!

I give this book a 10/10! I can’t wait for Chevy’s next book!

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