“The One With The”… Wildest Weekend EVER In Palm Springs!

Where do I even START with this one?

As you guys know, my little Sister is getting married in August (so soon!), and a few weeks ago….. I went to Palm Springs with Paige AND THIRTEEN of her friends, to celebrate her Bachelorette Party. It was hands down the wildest weekend, of my entire life.

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We ended up all going in on it together, and renting an amazing house for the weekend. The home was located in the historic Movie Colony, right near Downtown Palm Springs. It was the most gorgeous house in the entire world.. I felt like we were on the set of “The O.C” or something! This house was NOT ready for all the crazy shit that went down, over the next three days.

Obviously I can’t go into details about this wild weekend, but I will cover the basics. I will also attach all my Internet-Appropriate photos of the weekend. Anyways, so off we go.

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We all met up at the Vancouver Airport (ridiculously early), and immediately headed to the Departure Area Bar for Mimosas and Brunch. It was hilariously weird, because our Waffles & Champagne arrived.. literally five minutes before we had to board the plane! One of our friends got her’s To-Go, and I wish I had done that too (instead of dry-swallowing three waffles).

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We then boarded the plane, and it was so much fun checking in with a such a huge group. We were all seated within the same 4/5 rows! I wish I could say that the vibe and the camaraderie of the moment, propelled me through my INTENSE-BODY-SHUT-DOWN-LOSE-MY-MIND-FEAR-OF-FLYING/DYING…. but no such luck.  I did however still manage to get some exciting photos. In hindsight.. the view was GORGEOUS!

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I always lose my shit on flights, but for some reason Vancouver-Palm Springs really does me in. However…. I’ve heard flying into Palm Springs, is a notoriously turbulent route…. IN MY DEFENSE haha. I feel bad for my Sister because I literally CRIED the entire time, and made a weird/socially awkward scene. Thank GOD for her amazing friend Alycia, who is an actual therapist.. and was coaching me though my breathing the last 1/2 hour. She’s amazing! Anyway, if you are reading this Paige.. I’m SO sorry I ruined the first leg of the trip.. I know, I know.. I need to enroll in one of those hypnotist “overcome your fear of flying” workshops. The pilot kept coming on the Intercom and saying “We are sorry, but we can’t turn off the seat-belt sign, or enable drink service.. because we are expecting severe turbulence”. There WAS some turbulence, but not terrible. I think the fear I felt was 99% WAITING for this insane turbulence.. that never came.

Anyways, we landed.. it was around Noon.. and it was a gorgeous day. We all filed towards the Ubers, and off we went! I also need to say.. Vancouver NEEDS to get UBER here A.S.A.P! It’s so quick, and so easy. Although we did have one very creepy encounter during our trip haha.

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The second we arrived at the house, we were all so blown away! It was the most stunning home, with a little attached house.. as well as an amazing outdoor pool & hot-tub. We had about an hour to settle in, and distract our Bride.. before our “Butler In The Buff” arrived! My Sister was very surprised, and she loved it. I mean he was GORGEOUS.

I won’t detail any more of our adventures, but I will make a short-list for you guys. Over the next 72 hours we….. enjoyed a Butler in the Buff… went to a Drag Show…. swam in the pool.. had an amazing Dinner At Birba…. hit up a Strip Club… watched our Bride preform an amazing “Bohemian Rhapsody” Karaoke performance… ate Breakfast at 2 am at Denny’s.. met a crazy man who promised he was “Lindsay Lohan’s Best Friend”…. went to Target… rode bikes all over Palm Springs.. had bottomless Mimosas…. and honestly had the most amazing trip ever. All of my Sister’s friends are incredible, and we made some crazy memories that I’ll never forget (even if I wish I could) haha!

I will attach some of favorite photos, that I took over our weekend. Thank you to all of my Sister’s friends, for being my Palm Springs models! I couldn’t have asked for a more stunning group of people to photograph!

See you all very soon, with my April Wrap Up!


Love Carly

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